Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day Ten.

So, technically its Day 11, but this post is from yesterday. I laid down in bed last night and then tried to do it on my phone and it was a big fail. So I decided to just do it now. Lexi's nap will be over soon so I need to hurry!

Day Ten. Today I watched my niece and nephew.  I needed to go return some items at the library so we headed there. I had to meet a friend to drop off some hair bows, so while we waited we looked at books and played on the computer. 

Then, when we returned home the kids were so fussy, mostly because they were hungry. So I whipped up some grilled cheese and sweet potatoes fries/tatertots and their tummys were happy!
Then, nap time came. I told you this kid could crash anywhere. He laid down on the floor and a few minutes later here he was, so I covered him up and let him be!
Nap time was over for everyone else, but Chloe has stayed awake and watched some tv and hung out with me. Totally fine. She asked me to turn a movie on, and so I did. She didn't even make it 5 minutes into it. Poor thing was so sleepy. 
Then, my little princess woke up after a LONG nap which was awesome! And we snuggled!

After the kiddos left, I let Lex play out side while I did some dishes and got dinner started. I gave her an Oreo and made her sit out side! Thank goodness! She required a bath after!
These next photos are the best thing ever!
Broc thinks she looks like Chucky here.. click HERE and tell me if you agree!
If you look close you can see her top teeth coming in! ABOUT TIME! They are too cute! She loved that Oreo!
Right before bath, she even had some cookie left over but we threw that away! She was so messy! She even had sucker in her hair!
Then, after dinner our night came to an end. We went up stairs to put some laundry away.
For the last few days, I could not find ANY of her clothes, turns out they were all dirty! I could barley fit them in one basket to put them away! 
Lexi loves shoes. She knows exactly what they are what it means when you put them on.
She always bring shoes up to me.
Tonight it was a black pair. She loved them. 
Well, Lexi just woke up so it's time to end! It was a fun day over all. I love my little girl more than I can explain. 

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