Friday, December 20, 2013

Catch up, Santa Visit, Grandma Selfie, and more!

Prepare for a long post. 
Before Christmas comes, I figured I should get a post out of the way and share some photos.
Lets see...
On the weekend of Dec 7 Broc and I dropped Lexi off with Broc's sister and her family so she could watch Lexi for 2 nights while we went out a mini vaca up north to a Jazz game. 
It looks like Lexi wanted to go with us, but trust me! She had fun with out us. She loves Chloe and Madden. 

 I love going to Jazz games with Broc. They are way fun. 
 We ended up losing, but that's okay. It has been a tough season for the Jazz.
We did go into over time though. 
 When we walked out of the arena, the ground was white.
Broc didn't put his hat on like I told him to!
He should have!
 Luckily, our hotel was like a block away from the arena. 
 We went and grabbed some food and relaxed after a long day. We spent the whole day walking around downtown City Creek and The Gateway. We even got to see a movie! Catching Fire! I don't remember the last movie besides that!
The next morning, we were able to video chat with little Lexi Poo. She saw me and then started crying because she wanted me. I thought it was pretty cute.
 After getting on the road, which we were expecting to be horrible..
but they were actually very nice. We were able to return home to our little lady. I was so excited and just wanted to cuddle with her. I hate leaving her, but Broc and I really enjoyed our time away. We came back to St George covered in snow! Something you don't see every day!
We didn't relax for long, because the following Friday we headed down to Las Vegas. This time Lexi came with us. Broc had to be in Vegas for work that morning and then we had a thing to go to on Saturday down there, so we were living in a hotel again. Lexi loved being in the hotel though.
We spent a lot of time in the mall so Lexi could play. 
 Lexi showing us how to get comfortable in her car seat!
 Lexi loved the hotel. She loved the bed, the big window, and just being some where new.
She wanted to make it a little bit like home, so she dumped Fruit Loops all in the bed.
Nothing like crumbs. 
 On Saturday, we headed to an award ceremony. Broc was being given an award for helping a citizen.
Here is the short version.
In October, Broc and a co-worker were driving to the Las Vegas airport when they were coming up on the out skirts of Vegas, and saw a car on fire. They immediately got out of the car and helped the elderly lady that was on fire. Broc's co worker dialed 911. Rescue and fire showed up about 15 minutes later. Broc said that the lady was on fire and skin and hair just falling off. He rushed her to his truck to get her away from the car. Soon after, the car went up in more flames.He said that if anyone else was in the car, they probably wouldn't of survived. The lady was in Broc's truck in shock, and he covered her with blankets  and waited for the fire department. 
We are still unsure how the lady is doing today. We hope she is doing well and recovering. 
I can't imagine something like that.
I am super proud of Broc for his heroic efforts! If you know Broc, he isn't a person that handles that stuff very well.
I mean he can hardly handle a needed! But, when someone is in need adrenaline takes over!
So thank you to Broc and his Co Worker Laine for helping her!
Broc received an award and certificate. 
 I finally was able to go out with my ladies a few nights ago.
It's always SO nice to go out and not worry about Lexi... (I mean not having to chase her around)

 Chloe and Madden came over during the week and I took them to play in what was left of the snow. 
We all needed out of the house!

 And to finish up, a few photos!
 We finished up Broc's Christmas shopping today. 
Lexi was able to shop with her cousin. She loves them so much. Anytime we have to leave them lately she gets so sad!

Also, how adorble is Broc's grandma?!
Liana, Broc's cousin posted this on Instagram and I thought it was the best thing ever. 
We really want to get Tee Shirts made with this on it. 


 And finally.
We went to see Santa this evening.
You can pretty much tell how the visit went. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

15 month update!

 Let's do a quick 15 month update! Little Lexi Mae...isn't so little anymore.
I have been horrible though. I have been slacking with photos. Mostly because I hate my phone. But you can see that in another post! It won't let me upload the photos to my computer so I have to email them, download them, then upload them here..
It's just the biggest pain in the world. I'm sure most of you have seen them on facebook and Instagram anyway! So let's start with my beautiful little lady.
It seems like she is learning more and more everyday.
Here is her new ones as of late..
1.Woof Woof
3.Thank You
7.Grandpa (papa)
9.Bub Gup (Bubble Guppies)

Lexi loves:
Holy cow. That seems to be the only show she wants to watch. She will point at the TV until you turn it on. At least we are both learning from it. I have learned several Spanish phrases. Ha.
We learned to record several of them on the DVR for when it isn't on.
Nick Jr really needs to play LESS Spongebob and more cartoons that don't make you lose IQ points.
-Cheese Its
-Her shape toy
That seems to be the only toy she wants to play with. I mean all you do is put shapes in the right place...but she finally has them all mastered. 
-My phone...
at least it keeps her still during diaper changes
-Her big girl bed.
 We recently put her in a twin bed. It is still on the floor, but she loves it. It wasn't even hard to transition her! I was so worried, but she has loved it and even sleeps 100% better.
I hope I don't jinx my self, but I can't even remember the last time she was in our bed to sleep! Her naps have been like 3-4 hours! It is so nice!

This past Saturday, we finally were able to check out the Children's Museum. I am so happy they opened something like this. It is the perfect area for her to run and not worry about her getting into anything. Plus she can learn from it!

And, to leave you with one last photo. The most adorable one ever.
Lexi has an obsession with sunglasses.

Thanksgiving 2013

Here is a short and sweet post.
Thanksgiving has come and gone! We stayed in town like and went to Broc's parents with all his siblings and their spouses. We had a delish feast and just hung around the rest of the day.
Of course, after you stuff your face, it's nap time. Plus little Lexi wasn't feeling super hot. I was sick the day before but managed to get better! Thank goodness!
We played outside for a bit. Lexi wasn't sure what to think of all the leaves.
 We went down to the splash pad area to check out the lights. Lexi loved them.
Here she is with Grandma!

 And our little family (minus Tito) on Thanksgiving. 
 Lexi and Coco. Coco puts up with a lot. Lexi is always sitting and loving on her. 
Funny story.
Lexi was laying on Coco's belly and started playing with her nipple. Just to see what she would do, I said, "Lexi take a bite!"
She looks at me like... what the heck?
Then she opens her mouth and attempts to... but like a good parent, I stop her!