Monday, July 30, 2012

34 weeks!

I think there comes a point with every pregnant lady where they are over being pregnant.
I love feeling my baby move, but I'm over the big belly, tight clothes, shortness of breath, constant full bladder, and ect! 5 more weeks left!
The last few weeks have been pretty good

32 and 34 weeks!
Tito has realized something is growing with me!
Car rides are not the same!
No more room!
Week 34 was pretty good.
Glad its over, one less week to go!
Only 5 weeks left!
I was so "lucky" to catch the stomach flu this week! So glad it only last about 24 hours!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Baby Shower

Well I have to say this past week or two has been so busy! I can't even remember where I left off! I do know that I forgot to blog about pregnancy week 32.
Week 32.
I hardly remember it! I'm almost 34 weeks now, so we will wait until next photo day to update on pregnancy!
This weekend was my baby shower! I have been so excited for it! It was fun! There was a little problem though! I reserved the club house in our complex to hold the baby shower in and when we go down there to set is 90 degrees in there!...At the last minute (3:30) we rush up to my house and start setting up. I was dying heat! I was sweating so much! It was a little stressful throwing it all together at my house at the last second, but it turned out great! Here are some photos! (excuse the gross-ness of myself!)
My parents gave little Lexi some UK & UL gear.
Which one will she wear? Well, I bleed blue..
but because my mom is a Louisville fan she will wear that too!

The blanket was made my a co worker which is so cute!
The swing was given to us by Broc's Aunt and Uncle
The play mat was given to us by another co worker of mine
My friend Megan made a cute diaper cake!

I love little Hurley outfits!

Over all it was a pretty good weekend, my mom was able to come out but that will be another post! So farewell for now! Week 33 is over and that means only 6 more to go!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pregnancy Week 31

31 weeks down.
We are officially down to the single digits!
WOOH BABY! (literally)
Here is a wrap up of the week!
Weighing in at just over 3 lbs
Measuring between 16-18 inches
Yesterday (Saturday) just about killed me.
The heat was finally too much! I started to sweat in places
I didn't know I could!
The heat finally made me swell!
Not to much, but I could see it and feel it!
My ankles and hands were so achy!
This ring indent was from Sunday (today)
Saturday it was worse! I could hardly get my rings off!
31 weeks. I go to the doctor this week, so I am nervous to see my weight gain.
I am feeling it so much right now in my face! Maybe the heat is just making me feel horrible!
because, this is basically how I feel!
We went to a thrift store yesterday to look at some things and I found they have
great deals on baby clothes in good condition!
50 cents for an outfit! You can't beat that?
total cost for 4 outfits $2.00
Very excited to meet this little girl! As time is coming closer I am starting to get things ready!
I am excited for my upcoming baby shower, plus my mom will be here for it!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week 30!

Finally made it to week 30. Seems like a huge milestone.
Only because there are 10 weeks left! 10 weeks! She could survive if she were to be born today!
She would be pretty itty bitty. It's crazy to think that her face is developed and she is a little mixture of Broc and I! It just want to peek inside my tummy and see her cute little face, hands, and feet!
Making her appearance at 30 weeks...
Mostly likley weighing in at 3 lbs
Measuring about 15-16 inches!
We had a doctors appointment this week. We have been going every 2 weeks!
No problems :)
They say the 1st and the 3rd trimester are the hardest.
The first wasn't horrible. I had some morning sickness most days, but not the "throwing up in the toilet" morning sickness.
I think the toughest part was all the ear infections and sinus infections..and the flu I kept getting! The second trimester was good to be.
I didn't gain to much weight, still sleeping on my stomach, and fitting into my clothes
Now, that I have hit the third trimester..
I can feel my energy dying.
Things are getting harder
My back kills me!
I live to sleep! I love it! I think I sleep pretty great most nights. I have gotten used to sleeping on my side, especially when I shove a pillow or blanket under my belly to support it! I supposed there are only a few weeks left and I better make the most of it!
I have officially hit the nesting state I think! I am always wanting to clean, fold, and look at baby stuff! We were given clothes by Broc's co worker and I finally went through them, washed them, and put them up!
So cute and fun to have clothes in her room! I can't wait for more!
This past weekend we went to register at Walmart and Target..
We weren't sure what we we just scanned everything we saw basically.
It's 10:47 pm and this is way past my bed time.
My favorite part of the night is getting in my bed with my cold sheets and blanket..
and turning on my heating pad on my back after a long day of back pain.
That is what I am of to do!