Monday, January 30, 2012

Evil Cuteness

Well not much in the Jenkins family. We are just working 5 days a week and trying to catch up with sleep the other two. We are loving our callings in our ward as well!
Well, this past week or two Tito has started a few new things....annoying things.

1. He knows when I am about to leave for work. Usually in the morning he will lay on our bed until we move him. Not anymore. Now, about 10 minutes before I leave he sneaks under the bed where I can't reach him! He really doesn't want to be suck in the kitchen all day!

2. I used to take him out side every morning when I would start my car to get it warm. Nope! I can't do that anymore. Now he thinks its funny to run out the door when I'm not looking and hide under all the cars! I can't reach him! I have to scare him with a broom all the way inside! Lets just say, mornings like that I'm not in the best mood!

3. Lastly. He is so picky! There will be a perfectly good bowl of water on the floor from this morning, but he won't drink ANY of it until he watches us put new water in it...FROM THE REFRIGERATOR! Goodness gracious!

But I do love him! Here are a few reasons why!

1. When Broc walks in the door he runs to get his toy!

2. His ear is always getting stuck
3. He is just too cute when he begs.
4. He loves to sleep with you!
5. He lets me wrap him up when its cold!
6. I love waking up to this!


Monday, January 16, 2012


January 1st, I started my new calling. Senior Primary Chorister. I had NO idea what I was doing the first week. Second and third week, I was slowing coming along. It will all come with time. Right now, I teach the 8-11 yr old children. Their minds are so crazy! I am starting to love it. I love teaching them the words and meanings to the songs. I love that I can be fun with it! I am still shooting for ideas, so if you have any let me know! I have looked on Sugardoodle and found a few!
Anyways! I just wanted to share! This is my first "real" calling since I have been out to Utah. Who would of thought it would take 2 years!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 2.

It's pretty lame I have no pictures of the week. I do have a good reason why though!
Broc was out of town all week long! So I spent my evenings watching Grey's Anatomy! It was wonderful! Now that Broc is home, we still haven't done anything to exciting, but who cares! Anyways I hope that everyone has a great week!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 1

The first week of the year went by fast! I'm guess thats how the year is going to be! I hope so! Here are sometimes we did this week!
Tito and I went to go watch Broc play some church ball.
They lost.
Broc hurt his wrist from basketball.
Different game.
Funny auto correct of the week.
Here comes the sad story of the week.
My debit card information was stolen.
Along with my mother in law, sister in law, and co workers.
I bought and read Ellen DeGeneres's book
and I loved it! Here is just a funny page from it.
And to top our week off, this was in our tire!
Over all, I would say it was a great week! Here is to another week in the year!
1 week down.
Many more to go!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Like everyone else, goodbye 2011!

Goodbye 2011.
Hello 2012.

You know, I'm not big on celebrating the new year. Not because I am a party pooper, but its just not my thing. I am just grateful that I live to see another year.
2011 has been the hardest of our marriage, but the best as well. We have been blessed in so many ways.
1. We are both blessed with great jobs
2. We were able to purchase our first home
3. We have great families that support us
4. We are loving out ward and new callings
5. We are financial stable
6.We have the best pup in the world
7. We went to Disney Land!
8.We bought a new car!
9.We celebrated our 1st year of Marriage!
10We paid off our debt (minus our house of course!)
11.We keep growing closer and closer to Christ each day!

I am grateful for 2012 and can't wait to see what happens! Yay! Yay! Yay!
Somethings we have to look forward too!
1.Broc's 24th birthday!
2.Ashley's 21 birthday!
3.Our 2nd year of Marriage!
4.Continuing our Education