Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lexi 14 Months.

Okay. I am a horrible blogger. I give up on my blog challenge of posting every day. It's just not working right now! But I figured, I take pictures and Lexi needs an update. So here we go!

My Lexi at 14 months. 
She is a crazy child. She loves loves loves to be outside. It's her favorite thing.
When I bring Tito down in the morning to go to the bathroom..and its like 40 degrees she wants to go watch him. Barefoot and everything. I usually don't let her because IT'S FREEZING! 
Here is an example blow. Her and Madden decided to play on some fertlizer. 
Nasty? Yes. 
Lexi loves to go out anywhere that she can run around.
Which is why we don't go out really.
Any where. She is impossible to take out to eat and in Walmart she won't stay in the cart. Walmart is usually a two person trip. One to get the food and one to stay on Lexi. We went with Broc's sister and her kiddos/husband to Fiesta Fun for a family night. It was pretty fun. Except the play area was a blow. The kids (and the parents) did love the games. We played of course just to get some prizes for Lexi.
 Lexi is learning so much right now. Where do I even begin?
Here are some words that she says.
Grandpa (gapa)
Muf (Muffins)
Mo (Remote)
Cheese- see photo below
I think there are a few more, but I can't think of them right now.
 One day we decided to hit up the Toy Express store down town to see if it was any good.
Great toys
Bad prices. Super pricy.
She loved everything. She couldn't control her self.
She would walk up to everything and say WOW!! wow! wow!
 (more fun at fiesta fun)

Sometimes, it's hard to believe I have a toddler! My cuddly baby stage is over. I still get cuddles in but mostly when Dora is one. 
Speaking of Dora, Lexi is in love with Dora. 
When Lexi wakes up in the morning I usually bring her in my room because I think 7am is way to early to go down stairs. Plus I need more time in my comfy bed. So, we turn on some cartoons and snuggle. When she is in there, it's usually time for Umizoomi. She hands me the remote until Dora comes on. Which is like 7:30 0r 8:00. She dances to Dora. One Saturday morning we were watching cartoons and Dora said, " Say Backpack Say backpack!"
and what did Lexi say?
It was pretty clear. She has said it a lot since then to. She is a smart cookie!
Lexi also loves to jump from the couch to our love sac. I hate it. I just picture her falling and breaking her neck or something. She is smart about it. She will stand on the edge of the couch and look at me until I say, "Lexi No!"
Then laugh and jump. What a stinker. 
Well, I think thats my update for now. Lexi is my best friend and I love spending my days with her.