Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Time!

Well, I can't believe Christmas has come and gone! Which is crazy because it didn't feel much like Christmas! Maybe because we were able to wear shorts and tee shirts! But who's complaining? Anyways. Here are a few recaps from these past few days! Enjoy!

We went over to Broc's aunts house on Christmas Eve to enjoy a fun Christmas Dinner and celebrate a few birthdays!
After dinner, we went and looked at Christmas lights around town!
Some people go all out! Then, we all went back to Broc's parents house and had a sleep over in Joclynn's room! It was fun!...and freezing!
Tito was able to come over and spend the night as well!
On Saturday, we (the kids) were all deciding on what time to get up and we were set on 6am, but no one set an alarm. 6am came and Broc is the first one to say..
Wake up! Its Christmas!
All the kids gave Ross and Kiera a 4 in memory foam mattress topper which they loved.
Tito loved his toys as well!
Broc got me the best gift! A deep fryer! I keep telling him that I need one because I love the make home made french fries...(the fatting way) in GREASE! ha
Joclynn of course got a bop it extreme! She is super good at it!

All the boys receive guns for Christmas so we had to go shooting!
It was really fun!
I have to add in some cute pictures of Tito over the last few days!
One of my Christmas presents was an Iphone4s.
I love it. I am an Apple freak anyway.
It was hard giving up my android, but I am getting used to it!
One of the great things about this Iphone is Siri.
She is amazing. (sometimes)
We like to ask her questions, and she will give you a response. Sometimes its helpful and sometimes its funny! Here are a few that she has given me!

And last.
Auto correct.
The one on the left is between Broc and I. It isn't an auto correct but I thought it was funny.
The other one is between Broc and I again.
Anyways! Merry Christmas!
Bummer, work is tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Washington State

WARNING:There are going to be more pictures than you can handle. Enjoy!
This past week I went up to Seattle with Broc's mother and sister Joclynn to be there when his other sister had her baby! So, introducing Madden Hesch!

I only had 2 pictures on my computer, the rest are on my phone and I was feeling lazy. You can always look on my facebook to view them. Anyways, here are some pictures from our trip!
Washington is beautiful. We road the ferry to Seattle one day and it was amazing.
We found this weird slug on the beach...

To cute!

Seattle has a gum wall. Since like 1993, people have been putting their gum on it. Gross!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Some days.

Some days
I'm okay.
Some days
I'm not.
I learn to deal with it, but it's hard.
I feel like I can't post things because people might be offended or up set by what I write, but it helps me vent.
Dealing with a miscarriage is hard. Even though I wasn't super far along, I was still attached to this growing child in my body.
I remember just feeling empty a few days after it happened. I know one day, it wont bother me so bad, but that day..isn't today and I doubt it will be tomorrow.
I think the day will be when I see two pink lines on a pregnancy test.
I know it will happen when the lord thinks we are ready, I just pray that everything will go okay. I don't know if I could do this again.
I am thankful for the strength the lord has given me. I am thankful for Broc and everything he has done for me. I love my life, just dealing with a little rough patch.