Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Sunday

I should be in bed because I have to be up at 5am and right now it is 10:47pm. Boo. I hate waking up early. Once I'm up its okay, but just the fact that my bed is so comfy, I have to leave! Not to mention seeing Broc being able to sleep for 2 more hours makes me jealous! Oh Well. He works till 5 and I'm off at 2! Yah! So, Easter! We ended up staying at his parents and going over to his grandparents for Easter Sunday. Its always a great blessing spending it with family. Although, it is still a little weird not being with my family on holidays. Not that we had "traditions" that we did, but just things I miss! Especially the food! Oh I can't wait for some good food! So here are some pictures!
Our rose bushes came in! We have all colors!
Red, white, pink, purple, orange, yellow..and I think that's it!

Joclynn and Gil having a blast painting eggs!
Coco previous "baby daddy" was out side.
Coco is in heat.
Happy Easter!
I didn't want to spend money on Easter basket grass...
So I used tissue paper.
More Roses!
Broc was so good at finding eggs!

Friday, April 22, 2011


So tonight was a wonderful day! We found out some great news! Are you ready for it!
We are not pregnant! But don't you like how I bolded and put it in large print? Ha. Gotcha.
Anyways! Broc came home for lunch because it was my day off and received a text from his manager at work. It read something like...
"Broc do you think you could come in before noon? Joe and I want to talk to you"
He leaves and rushes back to work. I call him and say, "I bet its something about the manger position." And what do you know!
Congrats to the best husband in the world! Broc was promoted to Tech. Support Manager! Go Broc!
He used to work in Tech. Support, but then was promoted to Direct Sales. Now! After a year and 1/2 of working for the company, at the age of 23 he is the new Tech. Support Manager!

Go Broc! I am so proud of him for always working hard and providing for our small family! You are a great example!

Also, yesterday after months of waiting! I finally received the news that I passed my CNA state exam! Finally. After calling and calling be
cause I wasn't receiving any news, it turns out they had the wrong address. Go Figure!

Today, we decided to spend our date night at the Temple. We have a few family names and we wanted to get them finished. All that's left for us to do is Endowments. Super excited to get them finished. I was telling Broc the other day that we need to take more time to do work for the dead. I know we are super busy, but we can take 3-4 hrs a week to go to the temple. These people have been waiting for years! So it was a beautiful day to go!

This picture is so beautiful. I love the St.George Temple.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Does it mean we have a boring life because there is nothing to Blog about?
I sure hope not! It seems we have just been working, working, working, and more working!
We watch Modern Family a lot, which makes my day.
We have started going to the gym...and by started I mean once.
We have a mt. of laundry that won't end.
Life is so busy!

Goodness Gracious!
But in a way...
I love it.