Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Sunday

I should be in bed because I have to be up at 5am and right now it is 10:47pm. Boo. I hate waking up early. Once I'm up its okay, but just the fact that my bed is so comfy, I have to leave! Not to mention seeing Broc being able to sleep for 2 more hours makes me jealous! Oh Well. He works till 5 and I'm off at 2! Yah! So, Easter! We ended up staying at his parents and going over to his grandparents for Easter Sunday. Its always a great blessing spending it with family. Although, it is still a little weird not being with my family on holidays. Not that we had "traditions" that we did, but just things I miss! Especially the food! Oh I can't wait for some good food! So here are some pictures!
Our rose bushes came in! We have all colors!
Red, white, pink, purple, orange, yellow..and I think that's it!

Joclynn and Gil having a blast painting eggs!
Coco previous "baby daddy" was out side.
Coco is in heat.
Happy Easter!
I didn't want to spend money on Easter basket grass...
So I used tissue paper.
More Roses!
Broc was so good at finding eggs!

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