Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Flash Backs

The Jenkins had an eventful year in 2010.
Ashley was "patiently" waiting for Broc
to pop the question. She kept him busy buy threating him as you can see in the
photos below... and taking him to Bridal Conventions and
getting him up on stage.
After enough tourchor, Broc popped the question on Feb.5.2010
It was kind of eventful.
Broc turned 22..I think :) and he also came
out to KY to meet the family!
We were lucky enough to go to
General Conference for the weekend.
In the picture below of Broc laying in front of the Temple is one of
my favorites. He was really laying there to take a picture,
but it looks funny I think.
As you can also tell, we finished up some wedding details...
and ended up painting each others face.
(I went cross-eyed on purpose)
The best month of the year!
I went though the temple
I had a bridal shower! Which was very.. embarrrassing.
We were sealed together in the
St.George Temple!
Headed off to Cali for our honeymoon!
It was all about the lake! We spend most weekends
there with the family. As you can see them cliff jumping.
I am to scared.
More beach! We went back to Cali with the family
The wether was amazing!
We also stated working at the Hotel!
Also! We had a family reunion where I met
half of his mom's side of the family!
I skipped August and September because there wasn't a lot going on.
Looking back, it seems forever ago!
We headed back to KY for fall break!
Super exciting! But as you can tell
by the middle picture...the kitchen got burnt down
before I even got there... I was really looking forward to some good
Broc and I spent Thanksgiving with his family!
It was very fun! We played games and ate a lot of food!
The last month of the year!
Its almost crazy?
We spent our first Christmas together! It
was super great! Later that day, we took family pictures!
I'm really looking forward to 2011. I never thought that I would be married so soon. But I'm so glad I am! :) I hope you all have a great New Year!

Monday, December 27, 2010


New backgrounds are hard to find! Where do you get yours at?

-cutest blogs on the block
-shabby blogs
...where else?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Bloggers!

Merry Christmas!
This year, we spent Christmas in St.George with Broc's family. It was a lot of fun. But as I was talking to my family on the phone while they were opening their presents...I realized how much I missed them and the crazy-ness. Here are some pictures from the Christmas Morning!

Broc had a very "Charger" Christmas! I was so excited to give him all this stuff...I could hardly wait! It almost slipped the other day, but I did it!
I was kind of embarrassed of putting this picture up because I look weird. I was just
super excited for Christmas! Broc got me a new camera and a medical book! I'm such a
There are a lot more pictures on Facebook of Christmas morning!
Later that afternoon we went and took family pictures.
Joclynn and I both took these pictures!
Grandpa and Grammy with Chloe
I love this picture
The Jenkins Family
This one is pretty neat I think
James and Chloe
Hesch Family

I love this picture, but really sad there is a shadow
She is so pretty!
Broc and Ashley
I had a great Christmas this year. I was so happy to spend it with Broc!
I am looking forward to your post about Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

No More...

No more teachers.
No more late night homework.
No more early morning homework.
No more books!
No more backpacks!
No more school supplies!
No more test!
No more SCHOOL! For 8 months! Yes, it seems like a long time...Actually it is! But, things must be done!
I am looking for a job, so please keep your fingers crossed!
I am glad that there won't be school until next fall, but I could get a lot done in that time!
Until I find a job...I don't know what to do with my time!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Moments like this...

I was driving home today and realized
I've never been more proud of my self. Looking back at the last year...and where I was. I've come along way.

Before coming out to Utah for school, my life was a mess. On the out side, I looked okay. But on the inside I was breaking, hurting, and looking for something else.
I knelt down to pray one night, asking that I would get in to BYU. I thought BYU was my only chance to change my life. I thought it was the one place that I could be around people that would have a good influence on me.

Later, I found out I didn't get accepted in to BYU, but that was okay. I knew I wouldn't get in.
Later, I found out I was accepted at Dixie State College in St.George, Utah.

This was it. The answer to my prayers. I remember Brooke Ahern (church friend) saying something in her graduation speech. "No matter where you go, you will always find good people." Thank you Brooke. That has stuck with me for over a year now.

I didn't know anyone when I came out to Utah. But I knew the lord sent me here for a reason.
I wanted to change my life, become happier.
On August, 16, 2009 I arrived in St. George, Utah. I remember
er being on the plane, and landing in St.George. You can see the Temple as you land.
I can't explain to you the feeling to relief that I had. I was here. I was where the lord needed me to be.
I was just happy to know I made it.
It was hard leaving home, but I knew that I needed to.

This was the best decision I ever made. And after years of bad ones, it was the start to a new life.

For the next 2-3 months I was really struggling. I was lucky enough to have a great room mate, April Nelson.

She helped me through so much. Thank you April!

I always knew the church was true, but after coming to Utah, being around LDS friends, dating LDS guys, and meeting with my bishop, I truly felt my saviors love.
For the first time in over a year, I went to the temple.
It was the best feeling in the world.

I don't think it was a "coincidence" that I met Broc at the time that I did.
I know my Heavenly Father, lead Broc to me.
I know my Savior lives.
What comfort this sweet sentence gives!
My favorite part of this song is

He lives to grant me rich supply
He lives to guide me with his eye
He lives to comfort me when faint
He lives to hear my souls complaint.

He lives to silence all my fears
He lives to wipe away my tears
He lives to calm my troubled heart
He lives all blessings to impart.

I never would of thought that a year later, after going through a hard, time I would marry in the House of the Lord.
I never thought I was good enough.
No one is perfect. We just have to try our hardest in this life.
This past year has been amazing. If you are struggling, look toward the Savior.
He loves you.
He is there for you.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun. I got a new phone, with a great camera on it so I took pictures of everything this weekend. We had a great date night. We went to Panda Express, got hot chocolate, and went to see the Temple lights. I love the St. George Temple.

We were lucky and had night night Friday and Saturday. We went bowling. Well, I just threw a ball down the lane and it usually went in the gutter. Broc on the other hand hit the pins!
We went to see the temple lights last year( that was the night I met his parents)
Puppies, puppies, and MORE PUPPIES! They are getting so big and I love them. If you want one, let me know. But I want to keep them all. (cough cough Kiera ) :)
Sunday, we went to church. It was the first time in a few weeks that we stayed for all three hours. I'm so glad we did. I love going to church. I love my life. It makes everything better and when you are living it- life goes so much smoother/easier.
School finals are starting. 2 weeks finals. Wish me luck :)