Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Bloggers!

Merry Christmas!
This year, we spent Christmas in St.George with Broc's family. It was a lot of fun. But as I was talking to my family on the phone while they were opening their presents...I realized how much I missed them and the crazy-ness. Here are some pictures from the Christmas Morning!

Broc had a very "Charger" Christmas! I was so excited to give him all this stuff...I could hardly wait! It almost slipped the other day, but I did it!
I was kind of embarrassed of putting this picture up because I look weird. I was just
super excited for Christmas! Broc got me a new camera and a medical book! I'm such a
There are a lot more pictures on Facebook of Christmas morning!
Later that afternoon we went and took family pictures.
Joclynn and I both took these pictures!
Grandpa and Grammy with Chloe
I love this picture
The Jenkins Family
This one is pretty neat I think
James and Chloe
Hesch Family

I love this picture, but really sad there is a shadow
She is so pretty!
Broc and Ashley
I had a great Christmas this year. I was so happy to spend it with Broc!
I am looking forward to your post about Christmas!

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