Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lexi 22 months

I feel that Lexi is in need of an update. 
She is perfect. She is beautiful and she is so smart.
Lexi is now 22 months. She is almost two and it kind of breaks my heart. My baby is getting so big.
Lexi likes:
Bubble Guppies
Hot Dogs
Baby/Barbie Dolls
Playing Outside
Chloe and Madden
Helping with laundry

Lexi is learning so many new words and putting phrases together. It is easier to communicate with her now which is great! I can usually understand everything she needs. My little girl is growing up.

 On some cool mornings we will sit outside for a bit and play on the deck.

 Lexi is my sleeper. She knows that bed time and nap time mean SLEEP.
She usually goes to sleep all by her self. Some days, I get to snuggle with her and those are my favorite.
In this photo, I wanted to see what toys she brought into her bed during nap time.
It's usually babies, books, and cars. Today it was just babies and books.
 Lexi loves her sunglasses. 

 Oh, and Lexi loves her baby sister. Anytime Maya begins to cry Lexi runs to look for her bottle or binky. Sometimes I will not be in the room and I just hear Lexi saying "mommy mommy ninky baba"
for those of you who do not speak baby, 
that basically means "Mommy I gave the baby her binky and baba"