Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today, I really didn't feel like going to church. We woke up at 11:40 and I didn't feel like getting ready and rushing. Broc didn't either. I said, "Should we just go to Sacrament and come home, or not go at all?" He said we should at least go to Sacrament. I kept asking..well do you want to go to all 3 hours, or what because I'm pretty hungry.

We didn't really talk about it because we were getting ready, and about 12:30, I finally ask again and then I said,
"You know, we have been really blessed lately. We can't just get lazy." Broc agreed.
I am so glad that we went to church, it really makes our day. We learn so much, and see so many friendly faces. We are lucky to be in a wonderful ward.

Last night, about 1am, we are just talking while Broc was playing his game and reflecting back on dating. It is really fun to see how we have grown. We ended up taking a couple pictures and my favorite part was when Broc said, "Just one more"
...Broc usually gets sick of taking pictures so I was really happy. I love him.

"Look at that double chin!"
"Wait, one more!"

Monday, July 18, 2011

New things coming!

Whats the saying?..."it's bitter sweet?"
That's right! I got a new job! For the past 6 months I have been working at Red Cliffs Nursing Home as a nursing assistant. I love it. It has been the most rewarding job that I have ever had. (Not that I have had many, but I couldn't ask for a better one.) I have this weird habit of looking at jobs online. I saw one for a Medical Assistant at a doctors office and thought I would love it. Well, I actually applied at the doctors office before working at Red Cliffs. I had an interview and a follow up interview, but I didn't have enough experience. That's okay though because I got hired on at Red Cliffs.

Well, I applied again and they called me for an interview Thursday. It went really well! They said they will narrow it down and call back if they are interested. Friday morning they call! I thought "YES! A second interview!"....Well no. They hired me right there! I was so excited.
Full time.
Higher Pay.

It was perfect. I gave my 2 weeks at Red Cliffs and start Aug. 1 at the St.George Clinic as a Medical Assistant. Although I am very nervous because it is different than in a C.N.A in a few ways. For one,
-you have to give shots.
(talk about scary)
...and that's about the only reason!
Wish me luck! I just feel so blessed. I am very excited to work Monday-Friday and have the weekends to spend with my family and go to church!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I finally sat down and make some flowers for my hair! It was really hard at first, but then I got really creative. They are no where near perfect, but I am pleased...for now!
This one is my favorite. I just love the colors. This picture isn't the best

The reason I started to make bows was because some of the older ladies at work needed some hair clips and I thought I would use the ones I practiced on and donate them.
So here are some of the ones that I won't be wearing but the residents at work will!

There are more...but I failed to document.
Go Ashley!