Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Glad thats over with!

Just as Broc leaves for work, I am getting up usually. Well last week he was about to leave and just fell on the bed and complained he didn't feel well. I just moaned and groaned and said..."love you...have a good day." or something like that.
After I wake up and I get to work and lunch time rolls around he told me he went home. Poor baby! He had the flu! So for 2 days he was able to watch netflix all day and sleep. I was totally jealous.


Of course. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling like crud. The bug got to me! So...I called into work. Even though I hated being sick...watching netflix all day and sleeping isn't to shabby.
I made it to work today...and did alright. But Broc's whole family has had the bug! (Except Kiera!)

Lets hope we all get better! As important as sharing is....keep this to your self!
Although, I bet this isn't the first illness for me....seeing I work in a doctors office and deal with sick people all day!
Oh boy!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sweet Words

Tonight we were at eating dinner and I was feeling a little down. I am planning my trip home and get a little worried of returning. Worried of impressing people. Broc said to me.
"Ashley, you don't have to impress them. You got married for the right reasons, you have a great job, your buying a house, and your life is on track. Plus I love you."

Of course, I felt much better after that. I love my husband more than anything in the world. He is my everything. As I call him. "My boo."

Oh yea. We are buying a house. Just thought that I would throw that in there. :)
We put an offer down today on a town home and we love it. It is brand spankin' new! The builders should be done building it by the first of Sept. and if everything goes well...we should get to move in mid-sept! We didn't expect it to all go this fast..but we don't mind! I can't wait to show everyone! But for now, lets just hope it all goes though! It is a little stressful, but a great choice for us! I love having the comfort and guidance of the lord. It makes it...not "as stressful"

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Well, this post might contain a lot.

I made it though my first week of work as a medical assistant. I like it so far. I have given my first couple of shots and feel pretty good about it, but it still makes me nervous. I just don't want to be the bad guy when it comes to giving shots to cute little babies.

The best part of the week as when Brittany and Chloe came down for a whole week! All I can say is FUN! It was a blast having them down for the whole week. We were always out doing things.
1.Water park
3.Baby shower
and so much more.
On Thursday, Joclynn, Kiera, and I through Brittany a surprise baby shower for Madden. Since we won't see her until after the baby is born, we thought it would be a great idea. It turned out great!
Of course, the week ended today with a lot of tears.
I took so many pictures this weekend, I didn't know where to start posting them so you can find them on my facebook page. If you we are not friends on facebook you won't be able to see them.

The reason why so many tears were shed is because next week, Brittany and James will be moving to Washington State for a new job. We won't see them for a while and we are going to miss them! Of course, we are happy for them and their new adventure!
Other than that, things are going great with the Jenkins. Broc was officially named the Tech Support manager, we are looking to buy a house, and just having a blast.
So, if you have any tips on house hunting or anything please let me know!