Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Glad thats over with!

Just as Broc leaves for work, I am getting up usually. Well last week he was about to leave and just fell on the bed and complained he didn't feel well. I just moaned and groaned and said..."love you...have a good day." or something like that.
After I wake up and I get to work and lunch time rolls around he told me he went home. Poor baby! He had the flu! So for 2 days he was able to watch netflix all day and sleep. I was totally jealous.


Of course. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling like crud. The bug got to me! So...I called into work. Even though I hated being sick...watching netflix all day and sleeping isn't to shabby.
I made it to work today...and did alright. But Broc's whole family has had the bug! (Except Kiera!)

Lets hope we all get better! As important as sharing is....keep this to your self!
Although, I bet this isn't the first illness for me....seeing I work in a doctors office and deal with sick people all day!
Oh boy!

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