Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy First Birthday Lexi Mae!

 First off, I can't believe my little lady is finally one! 365 days ago I couldn't picture what life would be like. Broc and I were new parents to the most perfect child! (She still is perfect.) I can remember that day so vividly. I was so tired after being up all night and day. We had just brought this little lady into the world and she was all ours. I couldn't wait to play dress up and show her off.  Now, a year later our life can be pretty crazy sometimes. I am lucky if I remember to wipe her hands and face down before going out in public. It's mostly to Walmart, so its okay. :) Lexi you have changed our life forever!

Being a first time parent you learn A LOT. 
Here are some fun things I have learned this past year.

1. Babies will always touch what you don't want them too
2. Babies love the blinds
3.Babies love cabinets
4.Babies love the dog food bowl
5. Your life revolves around nap time
6.They are going to get hurt- they need to learn
7. Sleep training is hard but worth it
8. Don't leave a poopy diaper in the car (total accident)
9. You have to learn to share your food or eat in a closet
10. You no longer can go to the bathroom alone
11. You deal with having Bubble Guppies stuck in your head (big blue basketball, a big blue basketball) 
12. You end up talking like a baby even when the baby is asleep.
13.Babies love toilet paper (hide it well)
14. Their poop is the only one you will inspect
15. Going out to eat with a baby... eh don't expect it

I have learned so much. Each milestone/stage is amazing. She becomes more fun everyday! I think I have laughed every day the past year because of this little gal. She is the cutest, funniest, and most precious thing I have ever seen.
Lexi Mae, we are so blessed to be your parents!
Happy Birthday! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

House Divided

 Either you bleed blue...
or you don't.
I come from a divided home. 
Mom loves Louisville
Dad loves Kentucky.
When we took Lexi's one year photos we snapped a few for the grandparents!
I think Lexi bleeds blue!

Friday, August 2, 2013

11 Months!

There is no way that I am the mother of an eleven month old.
There is no way that I am the mother of the cutest baby in the whole world.
But I am!

Oh Lexi Mae,
You have grown so much in the last month. You have started walking and talking.
You also have an attitude! It's the red hair.
Ginger Baby.

You are now a pro at walking. Sometimes you get a little to excited and think you can run... but you're not there yet! 
You love dogs. 
You love being outside.
You throw your self out of my arms anytime I even step outside.
 You upgraded to a new carseat.
 Had your first Independence Day!

 Had your first black eye!
Lexi, I love you so much.
You light up my world!
Your smile makes everything better and I'm so lucky to be your mommy!
I can't believe you will be one next month!
I already look back on this year and see how much you have grown!
You are so smart it amazes me! I could brag about you all day, but I wont.
Not today anyway :)

Kentucky trip for 2

 Once again, our trip to Kentucky had come and gone. Get ready for photo overload
The trip started out pretty well. We left the airport in St George, Utah and Lex did pretty well on the first flight. We had a row to our self so we was able to move around a little bit. She also loved looking out the window. 

 Lexi loved  sitting in a big girl carseat. She has one at home, but it isn't facing forward yet. She loved looking out the window!
 Lexi also had her sad moments. Lexi decided to pop in two teeth while we were in Kentucky. Which lead for a very clingy, diarrhea, and tired visit.

It seems like at first my trip was dragging on. I was really missing Broc. But as my final days were ending, my trip was over in the blink of an eye! On Sunday afternoon we decided to go to Louisville and have a family day at the park and walk the Bridge. Lexi loved it. She loves being out side. 
 I can't believe my little lady is walking. She is so proud of her self. It's the cutest thing ever. 
 On Tuesday, we spend the day at My Uncle Donnie's and road his boat on the Kentucky river. Lexi loved it up until she got sleepy. She is such a champ. 
I remember going on the boat and river when I was little!...
Not that little of course, but we do have photos of me there when I was a month old!

 Lexi got to eat her first cupcake!
Loved it!
Since she will be one in a month (say what?!)
We decided to have a little party since my parents won't be able to make it to the party we are having for her. 

We also we swimming.
She loves water. 
 Out to eat with some friends.
Don't let this photo fool you. She wasn't happy for long. Our food took forever!
 Had dinner with The Fulkersons. A good family friend.
I always enjoy going to their house when I come in to town. We always play games and Shirley cooks amazing food!
 Had some pool time with Uncle B.

 Grandma and Grandpa let her get away with anything it looks like. 

 My little girl is getting so big!

Well, our photos were in no particular order, because honestly I didn't want to take the time to do that! I'm a lazy one. It was a good trip and I'm so sad it had to end because Lexi loved everyone. I know they miss her...and I guess me too! Thanks for the fun trip and for taking care of us mom and dad!
I hope Broc can come with us next time!