Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy First Birthday Lexi Mae!

 First off, I can't believe my little lady is finally one! 365 days ago I couldn't picture what life would be like. Broc and I were new parents to the most perfect child! (She still is perfect.) I can remember that day so vividly. I was so tired after being up all night and day. We had just brought this little lady into the world and she was all ours. I couldn't wait to play dress up and show her off.  Now, a year later our life can be pretty crazy sometimes. I am lucky if I remember to wipe her hands and face down before going out in public. It's mostly to Walmart, so its okay. :) Lexi you have changed our life forever!

Being a first time parent you learn A LOT. 
Here are some fun things I have learned this past year.

1. Babies will always touch what you don't want them too
2. Babies love the blinds
3.Babies love cabinets
4.Babies love the dog food bowl
5. Your life revolves around nap time
6.They are going to get hurt- they need to learn
7. Sleep training is hard but worth it
8. Don't leave a poopy diaper in the car (total accident)
9. You have to learn to share your food or eat in a closet
10. You no longer can go to the bathroom alone
11. You deal with having Bubble Guppies stuck in your head (big blue basketball, a big blue basketball) 
12. You end up talking like a baby even when the baby is asleep.
13.Babies love toilet paper (hide it well)
14. Their poop is the only one you will inspect
15. Going out to eat with a baby... eh don't expect it

I have learned so much. Each milestone/stage is amazing. She becomes more fun everyday! I think I have laughed every day the past year because of this little gal. She is the cutest, funniest, and most precious thing I have ever seen.
Lexi Mae, we are so blessed to be your parents!
Happy Birthday! 

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