Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hiking, NBA, and Prego

  As the Lion King prepared.
Picture over load. 
Not much has happened with us, I just tend to take a lot of pictures! This past weekend Broc's family decided to go BBQ and hiking at Red Cliffs. Weather was great! It was fun! I realize how out of shape I am though! Here are a few snap shots of that fun day!


On Sunday, Broc  "jokes" to me...
"Babe we should go to the Jazz game on Tuesday."
I was thinking about work and about the drive! 4 hours there 4 hours back! We can't do that in one day!
But we did! Awesome!....
Broc got us some pretty good seats-I have to say I enjoyed watching it in person more than on TV.
I'm looking forward to the next game we go to!

                                  PLUS! They won! JAZZ ARE GOING TO THE PLAY OFFS!

 And last...pregnancy. 21 weeks. Some days I feel prego and some days I don't. I have noticed that my scrubs I wear to work are getting tighter and for my jeans..I no longer button them.
Things are going well over all, we are having a girl and have decided on her name. Lexi Mae.
Lexi because we joked about naming out baby Lexis after the car and really liked it, but not with her middle name. So we decided on Lexi- and Mae because its my grandmas middle name-plus I think it has a little southern touch to it. If she isn't going to grow up with a cute KY accent-then Mae will do!
I have been feeling pretty well. People always ask me how I am doing and I always say...hungry! So I guess I am prego! I have only gained about 10 lbs which is great! Hoping to keep it low! We have an ultrasound coming up on May 14! Which is also our 2 year wedding anniversary! Crazy!
This year is flying by! I hope the rest of the year goes by because I want to meet my little Lexi! I love when I feel her move and knowing that she is our little girl!