Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Maya 5 months

Maya Quetzaly is five months old! 
How cute is my baby? 

Maya has mastered sitting up! She is much happier now. I can tell that she is ready to crawl at any second. I just don't think her little arms are strong enough! I'm not in a big hurry, I need to baby proof!

 Maya has been eating some baby food for a bit. The last two days she has really started to get into it. 
Today she was so fussy! She didn't want anything to do with her bottle. I figured, what would it hurt to give some baby food. 
Well ate it dry!
I am really interested to try the Baby Led Weaning. I keep meaning to read about it, but I always get busy. Can you imagine why?

Maya can still be a complicated baby at times. Lexi was so easy! Miss Maya is a busy body. When she has a bottle she usually hates to be cradled. Getting her to sleep...
A few weeks ago I thought I had it all figured out! Life was good. When she was tired I would just swaddled her and she was out! Then she figured out rolling over and all that went to waste! Now, we are working on finding something. She is sleeping in her room most nights. Naps are usually in her room too. Unless I am in NEED for a long one...then I will snuggle her in my bed. Which I always enjoy! Some days she will still sleep only 20 minutes at a time. Very annoying. Anyways, we will get it down! For now, we are doing what works best for us! 

I love this girl. Even though some days she makes me want to pull my hair out. She always gives me smiles everyday. I can't wait until her and Lexi are causing trouble and entertaining each other!

Lexi Lou Update!

With one blog post down (Fall Fun) and about 3 to go! I figured I would start with my Lexi Lou.  Lexi is now just over two years old. She is growing up a ton. She is talking so well! I know its true because other people are starting to understand her. I love having little conversations with her. She is such a little chatterbox too. 
Lexi loves playing in our basement. She can't reach the light switches yet so when she wants to go down she comes to me and says,
"Mommy down stairs, dark!"
(My basement dosen't usually look like this BTW)

 A few weeks ago we went to another farm and of course Lexi loved it. She had her face painted. 

 For about 3 months now Lexi has been in gymnastics. She loves going. I can tell that she has learned a lot from this class. If you ever want something to do for your kiddos 18 month-3 years check out the Parent Tot class at Barefoot Gymnastics!

 This girly seems so busy. She loves playing with her babies. Right now her favorites are her Doc McStuffins doll and all her Lalaloopsy dolls. 

I was just watching videos of Lexi from a year ago and CAN'T believe how fast time has gone. 
Lexi's favorite foods:
-Cheese Crackers
-Fruit Snacks
-French Fries
-Green Beans

Lexi loves Apple Juice and Milk!

Lexi's favorite shows:
-Bubble Guppies
-Peppa Pig

Lexi's favorite things to do:
-Watch a show in moms bed
-Play with Madden and Chloe
-Go to Grandma and Grandpas
-Go on walks

Lexi has been doing so well in church nursery. When we first moved into our current ward, I didn't like our nursery very much. It was very structred and she wasn't used to that. Now, she will go in and fuss for a moment and then when I come to pick her up she is having so much fun! She is so sweet. She knows we say prayers at night. She usually gets what she wants, but we are working on the whole spoiling thing!
Lexi loves her little sister. Now that Maya is a bit more active, Lexi has been playing and talking to her more often. She even brings her toys to play with.
I love this girl with every ounce in my body! She is my best friend. I love having lunch with her every day, playing with her, bathing her, and snuggling with her to bed. She is such a sweet sister and daughter. I'm so glad that she is ours. 

Fall Fun!

Okay, It has been way to long since I have updated. My phone needed some serious cleaning up so now is a great chance! Lets start back towards the beginning of October. 

We did our yearly Staheli Farm night as a family. Days before we went we kept telling Lexi how we were going to see animals at the farm. Each day she asked us when we were going. So when we finally went, she was so excited. I was actually surprised at how close she got to all the animals. She was even petting them. 

 Love where Chloe is face planting here!
 A few weeks later was Halloween!
Lexi was going to be a Witch, but at the last seconds (literally) she refused to wear her costume. So I just broke the cheer leading out fit my dad sent me. The girls were both adorable!
Madden-Buzz Light year
Lexi- Cheerleader

 Lexi loved knocking on the doors. She ate all the good candy before we got home.
After Halloween was over she only had about 2 pieces of candy.
They day after Halloween however, she was super hyper!