Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fall Fun!

Okay, It has been way to long since I have updated. My phone needed some serious cleaning up so now is a great chance! Lets start back towards the beginning of October. 

We did our yearly Staheli Farm night as a family. Days before we went we kept telling Lexi how we were going to see animals at the farm. Each day she asked us when we were going. So when we finally went, she was so excited. I was actually surprised at how close she got to all the animals. She was even petting them. 

 Love where Chloe is face planting here!
 A few weeks later was Halloween!
Lexi was going to be a Witch, but at the last seconds (literally) she refused to wear her costume. So I just broke the cheer leading out fit my dad sent me. The girls were both adorable!
Madden-Buzz Light year
Lexi- Cheerleader

 Lexi loved knocking on the doors. She ate all the good candy before we got home.
After Halloween was over she only had about 2 pieces of candy.
They day after Halloween however, she was super hyper!

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