Monday, October 20, 2014

Lexi Lou

As I was driving today Lexi was just talking away and using words I have never heard before! I knew I needed to write it down to remember it! It is so cute the way she is talking, playing, and just doing things. She is just over two years old and has grown so much since her birthday. She has added probably around 30 new words! She is liking more movies, more foods, and is understanding things a lot more. Some of my favorite things she says:
Wawa (Lalaloopsy)
Iss you (Miss you)
Mexi Hungry
Maddie (Madden)
Daddy car
Pipney (Brittany)
olor (Color)
Bout bat bass (All about that bass)

She loves Reese cups and thinks she will get one each time we got to the store. 
 Lexi Lou loves hanging out with her cousins. She has a blast with them. 

 Lexi really likes to watch shows and eat breakfast. She loves yogurt. 
 Lexi also likes to hang out with her friend Addi. She was asking about her all day today. We were driving to the store today and saw a car that looks likes Addi's. To Lexi, any car that is white has to be Addi. She then went on to ask if we could go play and if Addi was at home asleep. (One time she was so she always thinks she is now)
Anytime we walk into Walmart she has to stop and smell the flowers. She loves flowers. She wants to smell them anywhere we go. Flowers is also a favorite word, it is just too cute. 
 Lexi loves eating popcorn for a snack. I don't blame her though.
 Here she is with a flower again.
Lexi is so aware of things. She knows when we turn on Madden and Grandmas street to their house. When we are home she always says, "HOME!" or "Mexi Home!"
When she is doing something she likes and she wants more she always says, "ma more?"
There is one phrase I can not figure out! She has said it for months. "Hooray." She is not saying it in the fun way, she says it when she really wants something.
Anytime I run the bath water, she assumes she is getting a bath and I usually have to end up throwing her in there.
She loves coloring with chalk and crayons. She throws fits when it is time to put it away.
Her favorite shows right now are:  Paw Patrol, Octonauts, and Bubble Guppies.
She has such an imagination. I love it. She is just growing up way too fast.
She knows all of her colors, and knows what a circle is. I would say her favorite foods are: quesadillas, hotdogs, and french fries. She loves Apple Juice & Milk. She never seems to drink Lemonade when we get it from restaurants which seems weird to me. She always tries to steal swigs of my Mountain Dew.
Lexi loves when her daddy comes home. The play and cuddle. Lastly, I am just so thankful for my girl. She makes my days busy. She makes my days fun. She makes my days frustrating. She definitely makes my days better though. She always makes me laugh. I couldn't ask for a better little Lexi.

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