Monday, October 13, 2014


This was almost a week ago so I hope I can remember everything. Wednesdays are pretty routine. 
We have gymnastics at 9am
Then play group at the park.

Lexi is really starting to like Gymnastic class. It took her about 2 weeks to get used going and the routine of it. We love it. She has learned some cute things from it. Each week they get stamps on their feet. That might be her favorite part. 
(We were trying to get a photo for daddy of the stamps)

 Then after class we headed to the park with our friends. 
These sisters melt my heart. 

 Lexi HATES when you swing her high.

 Then after the park it was nap time.
I love nap time. Usually on these days, we all snuggle in my bed together. Maya is usually tired since she has been up all morning and Lex as well with all the activity. 

 After nap time, I broke out the chalk and let Lexi Lou color out side. 

 (Here she is making her baby race)

 Then we had some play dough fun. The only thing she likes to make is a snake family.
 Finally daddy came home.
They happen to be matching this day in their purple strip shirts.

 Last was bath time. Leix loves bath time. This was one bath she didn't take with out her sister. I think she loved having the whole tub to herself. 

It usually feels like Tuesday and Wednesdays are really busy! Maybe this week I will do Thursday or Friday. I pretty tried after today. We hiked around  Dixie Rock with Broc's family and just spent the entire evening with his family since his Brother and Sister in law are in town. We are worn out though! I need to do a few more blog post so I can delete some photos off of my phone. Until then.
See ya!

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