Thursday, October 16, 2014

Potty Training Attempt

So, you know how Facebook has that brilliant Timehop app? Its genius. I love looking back 1,2,3, or even seven years! Anyways. I was looking at todays, and it showed how I did a 30 day blog post challenge. I only did about 12 days, but I loved reading about those days. I should do it again. I was reading them and then I just kept reading further and further and eventually was reading about Lexi's birth! It made me realize how much I forgot. I am so glad I post even if no one reads them. I need to post more so I don't forget...because with two kids it's not easy to remember. I can't even remember what time Maya was born with out looking back. I know it was some where in the 11am hour. (and that was only 4 months ago)

Today: Oct. 16.2014
We tried potty training. 
We put a diaper back on about 11 am. 
(Right in time for Lexi to poop)
The night before we went out and let Lexi Lou pick out a potty and some panties. She picked out ones that had a "baby" (little doll like cartoon) on the package and was pretty upset when I opened it up and there was no "baby" inside. Between 8:30-11am Lexi only went to the bathroom twice. Once in the potty and once on the floor. She was starting to lose interest, so that's why we put a diaper back on. I told Broc I wasn't going to push potty training. I just wanted to see how ready she was. Man, it is A LOT of work. We spent the first half of the morning in her room playing. I set my timer for 15 min. When it would go off I would put Lexi on her potty and have her sit there for a bit. I would usually make her some pretend "nummys."
 I also had her sit on a towel, because I wanted to clean up the least amount of pee as possible.

 When she got sick of playing in her room we went down stairs. You better believe I took that potty with us. She sat on it while she watched cartoons and ate. We spent about an hour on and off the potty. Finally she asked to go play. I let her. I turned on my timer and then watched some Tv. While watching tv I hear her pee and say uh oh. So I rush her to the potty. Shortly after that she wanted a diaper back on. I was okay with that because I needed to fix lunch and she was getting sick of sitting on the potty every 15 minutes.
 This photo makes me kinda sad. My Lexi looks so grown up and my four month old tries to sit up!

That was my day. I was kinda glad to call it quits because it is going to take a lot more dedication than I thought. I told my mother in law I just need to invent an injection that makes kids potty trained and then I will become rich.
Maybe I will work on that in my spare time. 

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  1. You are brave to even have tried! There is no way we could attempt that right now... he is no where near ready even though I SO want him to be!