Monday, October 13, 2014

Maya Quetzaly 4 month

Maya Quetzaly
This beauty is just over four months.

Maya loves:
-Diaper Changes (she laughs every time)
-Her walker
-Sitting up
-Sucking fingers

Maya hates:
 That is pretty much is. 

What a great four months this chick has given us. Although, she did earn a new nick name.
Sour Patch
 First she is sour
Then she is oh so sweet.
 She is amazing me with how well she can sit up. Lexi sat up pretty early too, but this girl is determined!

 I wouldn't leave her by any means, but I bet by her 5 month post she will be sitting up! 
That will make my days MUCH easier. 
Then she will start crawling and then my life will be hard again! 
 Maya battled her first sickness.
Croup and a double ear infection. 
The only thing that seemed to get her though that rough week was swaddling. 
 After a day or two of antibiotics we were able to see her happy self again. 
 Lexi is such a sweet big sis. 
She always runs to Maya when she crying. She loves playing with Maya while Maya is in her walker.

I am so glad that Maya is apart of our family. 
Some days are rough
Some days consist of holding a baby all day
Some days consist of a baby sleeping all day
Some days involving multiple outfits 
But at least everyday this girl gives me a smile and laugh.

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