Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Typical Tuesday

The mommy life is pretty routine. Our week is pretty much as followed: 
Monday-usually spend the day cleaning the house from the weekend and then I have scouts. 

Tuesday- I watch Madden&Decker for bit while Brittany takes Chloe to class. Then they come back, we make lunch, kids play, and then they all leave and it's clean up then nap time. 

Wednesday- Gymnastics and then weekly play date with friends. 

Thursday- Usually stay home, Britt might come over after picking Chloe from school. 

Friday- Ward play date, errands when it's payday, and or staying home. 

So today I just felt like documenting a typical Tuesday. 

I get to wake up to this cutie coming In my room asking for a show. Then we usually snuggle .
After some Lexi snuggles, Maya wakes up hungry. 
Then it's usually bath time. Today I got peed on by Maya.
At 10:20 the two Hesch boys are dropped off. Decker woke up and lex basically begged to hold him.
Then, Lexi and Madden argued over holding Decker. Eventually Chloe came back and they played.

I always find toys in the strangest places when the kids leave my house.
After a quick show, it was nap time. First I laid Maya down, then did our routine of puzzles and books. Lexi will take the pieces and put them in the wrong place while saying, " no? No? No?" And do so until I tell her no, you know where it goes. 

Then after nap time, daddy comes home! Lexi loves when daddy is home!
Once dad was home I was able to start dinner. After dinner went went on a family walk. I didn't take my phone, but Lexi loves going on walks. Everyone and their dog (literally)was out tonight. Of course I was in sweats, hair pulled back, and no make up. After the walk, we looked at the neighbor cats outside for a bit, and then cuddled on the couch while Lexi watched an episode of Octonauts. Then it was time for puzzles and books again. 
Even though some nights I am so tired and don't feel like putting Lexi to bed, I'm so glad I end up doing so. I love that time with her!
There's a typical Tuesday for you! Pretty fun right? Ha. 
Of course I showered, picked up the house, folded too much laundry,and changed about 10 diapers today... Probably more than half were poopy.. 
Dishes can wait until tomorrow.
Putting laundry can wait until tomorrow.
For now, I'm going to watch some tv with Broc and go to sleep!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Lexi's Birthday Party!

I'm almost a month late at posting this. I have been putting it off for so long, but better late than never!
Lexi had her birthday part a few days earlier that her actual birthday. 
It was a blast to have everyone over to our home and celebrate Lexi's birthday. I am so grateful to everyone that came and brought gifts! Thanks! My friend Maranda was kind enough to take photos for me. I am so glad she did because I didn't have enough time!

Since we have a fire pit, we decided to let everyone roast their own hot dogs. I think that was a huge hit.

These two are trouble


I found this idea on Pinterest of a sand box filled with little treasures. It was the best idea ever! I bought some pencil cases and put all the kids name on one, and they were able to fill it up with sand and take some treasures home. I think this will be something we always have to do! I thought it was a lot more fun than a party favor bag.

Oh, and a bubble machine-best $8 ever! Lexi still plays with it almost daily.

Over all, the party was perfect. Lexi received a ton of gifts and loves them all.
I can't believe she is TWO! Happy Birthday little girl! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Maya Quetzaly 3 Months

Is this girl already 3 months? 
She is a doll. She loves to smile.
She HAS to be sitting up. If you cradle her she will squirm and fuss.  She holds her head up like a pro.
I think she will be sitting up before we know it. She loves to see what is going on in the world.
This girl barfs like no other. I do so much laundry, it's crazy.
Hopefully she will be over it soon.
She usually wakes up once...maybe twice. 
She sleeps like a pro when you have her in bed, but if she is in her bed-she doesn't sleep as long.
How do they know!
Maya is such an easy baby now. The first few weeks were hard, but now she is perfect. 

Mini Family Vacation

I seriously feel so clutter brained. Is that a thing? I feel like I have been doing so much, but haven't had time to document it. So a few things I need to catch up on. Lexi is now 2! Maya is 3 months! We had a small family vacation, and Lexi had a cute birthday party.  So,  I am first going to start off with our trip up north! The others will be in different post.

Friday, Aug 29. All of Broc's family took off and headed up towards SLC for the holiday weekend. Broc and I were lucky enough to stay at his sister's in laws house. They were great host and had tons of toys which Lexi loved.
We left bright and early around 8am. Lexi was super tired because her party was the night before. This is how I found her Friday morning.

 Lexi was a really good traveler. She only used my phone for about 5 minutes, slept about 30 minutes, and talked and play for the rest of the way. Which was about 3+ hours. 
 The whole way up there Lexi wanted to be able to see Madden's car. 
 We had a very busy day. After we got up to Lehi, which is where we were staying, we rested a bit and about 4pm we headed to Seven Peaks. The kids (Lexi, Madden, and Chloe) had not napped that day. They were getting tired, but they were excited to go. On the way there Madden and Lexi were fighting over Maya. Which is odd, because usually neither one of them are "holding" her...
 I didn't get a ton of photos from 7 peaks, but a few from the water slide. Lexi loves the slide. 


Saturday was Lexi's birthday! I was so excited because my little girl was turning too! 
We went the new Aquarium. Lexi loved the fishes and just being able to run around. It was perfect weather up north.

 Lexi didn't like the sharks.

 Uncle Camden, Aunt Joclynn (Broc's sister), Chloe, and Lexi
 Sleep over with the cousins
 Saturday, after the Aquarium and lunch at the Cheese Cake Factory, which was amazing...
we all headed back the house and relaxed. I was the only adult awake for a bit...so I guess that automatically put me on baby watch duty. 

On Sunday, we went to the zoo. I was most excited about this. Lexi loved it.
 Lexi loved the Lion, Polar Bears, and Monkeys.

 Oh yea, and she loved the carousel!

 Oh! and the Ice cream! Which I did too!
After the Zoo, a few of use went back to Broc's brothers house and hung out for a bit. After that we headed back to where we were staying and had a BBQ. I really wanted to head back that night so we could have Monday off to relax and so we did.
We finally got home about 12:30. Maya slept the entire way, and Lexi woke up a fussed. Mostly because she was so sleepy, but a quick stop for some fresh air and we were good to go again! It was such a fun little vacation.