Monday, September 22, 2014

Lexi's Birthday Party!

I'm almost a month late at posting this. I have been putting it off for so long, but better late than never!
Lexi had her birthday part a few days earlier that her actual birthday. 
It was a blast to have everyone over to our home and celebrate Lexi's birthday. I am so grateful to everyone that came and brought gifts! Thanks! My friend Maranda was kind enough to take photos for me. I am so glad she did because I didn't have enough time!

Since we have a fire pit, we decided to let everyone roast their own hot dogs. I think that was a huge hit.

These two are trouble


I found this idea on Pinterest of a sand box filled with little treasures. It was the best idea ever! I bought some pencil cases and put all the kids name on one, and they were able to fill it up with sand and take some treasures home. I think this will be something we always have to do! I thought it was a lot more fun than a party favor bag.

Oh, and a bubble machine-best $8 ever! Lexi still plays with it almost daily.

Over all, the party was perfect. Lexi received a ton of gifts and loves them all.
I can't believe she is TWO! Happy Birthday little girl! 

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