Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Typical Tuesday

The mommy life is pretty routine. Our week is pretty much as followed: 
Monday-usually spend the day cleaning the house from the weekend and then I have scouts. 

Tuesday- I watch Madden&Decker for bit while Brittany takes Chloe to class. Then they come back, we make lunch, kids play, and then they all leave and it's clean up then nap time. 

Wednesday- Gymnastics and then weekly play date with friends. 

Thursday- Usually stay home, Britt might come over after picking Chloe from school. 

Friday- Ward play date, errands when it's payday, and or staying home. 

So today I just felt like documenting a typical Tuesday. 

I get to wake up to this cutie coming In my room asking for a show. Then we usually snuggle .
After some Lexi snuggles, Maya wakes up hungry. 
Then it's usually bath time. Today I got peed on by Maya.
At 10:20 the two Hesch boys are dropped off. Decker woke up and lex basically begged to hold him.
Then, Lexi and Madden argued over holding Decker. Eventually Chloe came back and they played.

I always find toys in the strangest places when the kids leave my house.
After a quick show, it was nap time. First I laid Maya down, then did our routine of puzzles and books. Lexi will take the pieces and put them in the wrong place while saying, " no? No? No?" And do so until I tell her no, you know where it goes. 

Then after nap time, daddy comes home! Lexi loves when daddy is home!
Once dad was home I was able to start dinner. After dinner went went on a family walk. I didn't take my phone, but Lexi loves going on walks. Everyone and their dog (literally)was out tonight. Of course I was in sweats, hair pulled back, and no make up. After the walk, we looked at the neighbor cats outside for a bit, and then cuddled on the couch while Lexi watched an episode of Octonauts. Then it was time for puzzles and books again. 
Even though some nights I am so tired and don't feel like putting Lexi to bed, I'm so glad I end up doing so. I love that time with her!
There's a typical Tuesday for you! Pretty fun right? Ha. 
Of course I showered, picked up the house, folded too much laundry,and changed about 10 diapers today... Probably more than half were poopy.. 
Dishes can wait until tomorrow.
Putting laundry can wait until tomorrow.
For now, I'm going to watch some tv with Broc and go to sleep!

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