Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2 months

 How did my baby become two months?

She had gained 3 pounds 2 ounces
And she has grown 4 inches! 
She was a trooper with her shots!

You are now sleeping in your own room but having some trouble with it.
When you are in your crib and wake up to eat you scream your head off! But as soon as your mom or dad come in and lean over your crib you are all smiles!
You still hate tummy time, but you are getting so strong at holding your head up
Your smiles are the best.

Thankful Days 1-6

I am so THANKFUL for many things in my life. 

November First
 Broc-my wonderful husband. 
I feel in love with the most amazing man three years ago. He is the very best.
He works so hard for our family. Thank you Broc!
Thank you for being a worthy priesthood holder
Thank you for being a great Husband
Thank you for being a great father
Thank you for getting up and going to work every day
Thank you. 
I love you!
 November Second
I am extremely THANKFUL for my parents/family.
I am glad that they are good people and always try to help other people out. 
I am so thankful they did everything to give me the best childhood. 
They do everything for me. Thank you.
I am thankful for you raising me in the church
I am thankful for all the meals you provided me
I am thankful for the roof you placed over my head
I am thankful that you love me no matter what
I am eternally grateful for you. 
I love you guys
 November Third
I am THANKFUL for Broc's Family
They are awesome and I am so glad I married into a great family.
Thank you guys for everything you do.
Thank you Kiera for cooking dinner each week and always letting us come over
Thank you Grandpa & Grandma for making awesome cookies
Thank you Britt and James for making me an adorable niece and nephew
Thank you Joclynn and Skye for being good siblings :)
 November Fourth
This might sounds crazy but I am so THANKFUL for Tito.
I love having him as my dog no matter how crazy he drives me. 
November Fifth
I am THANKFUL for doctors.
Epically for Dr. Kvarfordt who cared for Lexi and I during my pregnancy.
He is a wonderful doctor! Thank you!
November Sixth
I am THANKFUL for freedom and having the privilege to vote.
I hope that the RIGHT/BEST man for our country wins the election.
Romney that is!