Saturday, May 31, 2014

Settled In!

I feel like I finally have time to sit down and post a few updates on our family. We have been in our new home for a few weeks now. It took a little bit to get in which we expected, but of course there were a few things we did not expect. So, here we go!

We bought a home and received the keys May 1st. We knew we were not going to be moving in that day because we had some work to do. The walls needed painted, the carpet needed cleaned, we needed a fridge and of course as soon as we walked in the house we found out the air conditioner was broken!
Our "Home Warranty" wouldn't even cover it.
That has been the biggest stress of all. 
We had a home inspection done in April, and everything passed. We knew buying an older home we would have to replace the air unit eventually, but we were not expecting it to be broken the day we moved in.
Since the unit was " not in working condition when we moved in" they would not cover it.
The unit must of broken sometime after the inspection and our move in date.
Although, the people that replaced our air said it looked like it had not been working for a while...
Anyways, we are over all the stress about it (even though it still bothers me we had to pay for a new one)
I mean almost $5,000!
Thank goodness we found a company that would work with us on payment plans!
If you ever need air/cooling work, PLEASE call Superior Air! They were a huge blessing!
Back to the home photos now.

The day we got the keys we headed to lows to get some new fixtures because the ones that were in the walls were a nice old yellow.
White looks so much better!
 Over the next few days Broc's family came over to help paint. We painted four rooms for the time being.
It's amazing how much better a new coat of paint changes things. Since the home is an older one, it really updated it a bit and I am so glad to get rid of the dirty walls. 

 Our bed room was a stressful project! 
The people who had lived in the home before us (for 20 something years) decided to paint the room an ugly blue and put some beach wall paper border up.
It had to go!
 Here is a photo of the border.
We were lucky and most of it peeled right off.
 We had to get a new fridge, and we found the perfect one.
But this isn't it. The one we wanted wouldn't fit! So we had to pay about $400 more to get a smaller fridge. 
Makes total sense right?
Oh well. 
 This fridge is now covered with finger prints. 
 We still have a lot we want to do to our home. Of course, you need money for that!
And most of our money will be going to that nice new air unit that was put in! At least we will stay cool!
Eventually, over the next 1-2 years we plan to:
-Replace the carpet upstairs
-Replace the kitchen, hall, and entry way with wood flooring
-Finish painting
-Replace the bathroom floors
-Update our bathroom counters
-Update light fixtures
-Refinish the deck

Here are a few photos of the home. 
Lexi's Room

 Our closet 

 When we were thinking about buying the house, this part of the master bed room was very weird to us.
It kind of reminds me of a motel.
Once it is updated it will look so much better. We plan to rip up the carpet that you see and replace it with tile, because the bathroom/shower is right next to it. Plus, the carpet is pretty worn. 
 Our room is a really good size. I love how big it is. 
As you can see, no more ugly wall paper border. We replaced the blue wall with a nice soft gray.

 Just a bathroom

 One thing we LOVED about the home was the basement. Downstairs you have the television and then a play area. Along with another bed room and storage room.
In this photo I just have the play area. It is so nice to have the toys either in Lexi's room or hidden down stairs and not where guest can see them as soon as they walk in the door. 
Of course, it is not always this clean, but we do try and clean up every night. 
 On the other side of the room is the tv and couches. 
 Home Sweet Home!
 We love our back yard. It was another huge selling point. When we were looking for homes, the back yard was my biggest concern. Lets just say that this wins in the back yard area. It is huge! 
We made a cheap fire pit last weekend and had the family over for hot dogs and smores.
We will be doing it much more often!

Now that we are settled in to our home it is amazing. I love all the space and the neighborhood. We are so blessed that we are able to be in this home. It was a tough decision weather or not to purchase this home because it was at the top line of our budget and we knew we would be cutting it close. But it a lot of praying and looking at our finances, we felt in the long run this house would be worth it. It will be a fun/stressful project to complete everything that we want to, but once it is done we will be so proud of our home. I am worn out and have another blog post todo, so that is all for now! As we complete more projects we will update! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

36 weeks

Let's see, 
This Pregnancy is almost finished! I will be ecstatic and releived to have my body back! Although, the all the fun post partum healing begins! But atleast I will be able to sleep on my stomach and reach my feet!

Today I had my 36 week appointment! I have joined the weekly club now. That makes it go by a ton faster! 
Today, I am 2 cm dilated. 
I had to get an ultrasound because my stomach was measuring 32 weeks, but I have always even a bit small.
Everything turned out well. My fluid was a bit low but they just told me to rest and drink some more. I guess all this moving, unpacking, cleaning carpets, and raising a kid takes a lot out of you! I really have felt like I have even going non stop for like 2 weeks now!

Over all, pregnancy is still treating me well. I have gained under 30 lbs and the last few weeks I have only gained 1lb a week. Sweet beans! 

I think this photo is creepy! Maya looks like she has fangs!