Tuesday, May 13, 2014

36 weeks

Let's see, 
This Pregnancy is almost finished! I will be ecstatic and releived to have my body back! Although, the all the fun post partum healing begins! But atleast I will be able to sleep on my stomach and reach my feet!

Today I had my 36 week appointment! I have joined the weekly club now. That makes it go by a ton faster! 
Today, I am 2 cm dilated. 
I had to get an ultrasound because my stomach was measuring 32 weeks, but I have always even a bit small.
Everything turned out well. My fluid was a bit low but they just told me to rest and drink some more. I guess all this moving, unpacking, cleaning carpets, and raising a kid takes a lot out of you! I really have felt like I have even going non stop for like 2 weeks now!

Over all, pregnancy is still treating me well. I have gained under 30 lbs and the last few weeks I have only gained 1lb a week. Sweet beans! 

I think this photo is creepy! Maya looks like she has fangs!

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