Sunday, June 30, 2013

My 10 month old princess

Two more months and our little girl will be one year! She has grown up a lot this last month. Just earlier, I was telling Broc she has learned a lot this last month..and even two weeks. She learned to wave and can say "hi" some times. She loves to clap but loves when she can clap your hands. She cracks up at patty cake, especially when I say, " and toss it in the over for Lexi and me!" She knows right when its coming! Lexi always calms down when I sing to her. Right now my favorite song to sing to her is You are My Sunshine. Last night she feel asleep with me singing to her. I love raising this little girl.
Lexi loves to eat anything you give her. Recently I have learned to amazing wonders of how tender potatoes and carrots get in the crock pot. Needless to say, she will be having potatoes, carrots,sweet potatoes, apples and anything else I can throw in there for a snack! Its way better than the baby puff snacks she always has!
She is all over the place. She takes a couple steps here and there when I have her walk to me. She runs everywhere when she is in her walker or has something to hold on to. She is all smiles and has a cheeser face. I really need to get a photo of that. Lexi has started to realize that I am "mama" and when I walk away, put her in her crib, or in her car seat and shut the door she crys..." mama mama mama."
Sad,  but oh so adorable too. She is having a hard time sleeping this past month. She always wakes up and wont go back to sleep unless she is in our bed. I'm really wanting to break this! Well, I think that's enough up date for now! She is a blessing! We love her to death! She is upgrading to a new carseat this week! Oh how I will miss the days when I could leave her in her car seat when she falls asleep and just bring it in the door!..I will miss that!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer update

I feel like it has been a while since I have posted on here...besides updates about Lexi. She really is our life! Well, lets see what has happened?

On June 8 it was my birthday. I had a great birthday! I went and got a pedicure which Broc got me and then came home and we watched part one of Breaking Bad which he also got me. Needless to say it was perfect. That night we went to dinner with the family.  Just a relaxing dinner at Red Robin.
Wait, that's a lie. Out to dinner with a 9 month old is never relaxing. She trying to reach my lap top as a type. I'm playing keep away with a 9 month old. That's what my life has come to. Food, drinks, snacks, cell phones, anything that's in my hand.
After dinner, we came back to our house and played games. It was a good birthday! 22!

There has been a scavenger hunt around town that was put on by The Summit Athletic Club. The reward was $5,000. Brittany (Broc's sister) went looking quite a bit for it! Unfortunately , we didn't find it. We were so disappointed.

Broc's sister and her family moved back down to St George in May. We are all happy about that. We are able to see Madden (18 months) and Chloe (3.5 years) almost every day! I have been watching them some days while Britt and James go to work and it is so much fun! Great birth control :) They are so much fun to play with, and Lexi stays entertained as well. I can already tell she has learned things from them!... is that good or bad? :)

I think that is about it for now. July will be a busy month. We have Broc's aunt and her family (3 kids and a husband) coming to stay with us.. (I think)
I will be going to Kentucky for two weeks with Lexi which I am so excited about!
I don't think much will happened until then! I'm trying to keep busy and find things to do!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family Photos

I finally got the time to upload all of our family photos to the blog. We won a free session back in November, but I wanted to wait until it was warm out side. I love them and think that our photographer did a great job. Shala Lee Photography. 

 Our Favorite

 I love these

 How adorable are these?
 Lexi and Tito are so adorable

Nine Months

 Miss Lexi Mae is nine months!
Soon we will be celebrating her first birthday! She is learning so fast! Her favorite words are 

Lexi loves:

Lexi Hates:
-sleeping in her own room
-having her diaper changed
-getting dressed
-getting in the carseat

Lexi loves to look at her self!