Monday, December 6, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun. I got a new phone, with a great camera on it so I took pictures of everything this weekend. We had a great date night. We went to Panda Express, got hot chocolate, and went to see the Temple lights. I love the St. George Temple.

We were lucky and had night night Friday and Saturday. We went bowling. Well, I just threw a ball down the lane and it usually went in the gutter. Broc on the other hand hit the pins!
We went to see the temple lights last year( that was the night I met his parents)
Puppies, puppies, and MORE PUPPIES! They are getting so big and I love them. If you want one, let me know. But I want to keep them all. (cough cough Kiera ) :)
Sunday, we went to church. It was the first time in a few weeks that we stayed for all three hours. I'm so glad we did. I love going to church. I love my life. It makes everything better and when you are living it- life goes so much smoother/easier.
School finals are starting. 2 weeks finals. Wish me luck :)

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