Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pregnancy Week 31

31 weeks down.
We are officially down to the single digits!
WOOH BABY! (literally)
Here is a wrap up of the week!
Weighing in at just over 3 lbs
Measuring between 16-18 inches
Yesterday (Saturday) just about killed me.
The heat was finally too much! I started to sweat in places
I didn't know I could!
The heat finally made me swell!
Not to much, but I could see it and feel it!
My ankles and hands were so achy!
This ring indent was from Sunday (today)
Saturday it was worse! I could hardly get my rings off!
31 weeks. I go to the doctor this week, so I am nervous to see my weight gain.
I am feeling it so much right now in my face! Maybe the heat is just making me feel horrible!
because, this is basically how I feel!
We went to a thrift store yesterday to look at some things and I found they have
great deals on baby clothes in good condition!
50 cents for an outfit! You can't beat that?
total cost for 4 outfits $2.00
Very excited to meet this little girl! As time is coming closer I am starting to get things ready!
I am excited for my upcoming baby shower, plus my mom will be here for it!

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  1. Ashley! You look so great! And what a good deal for those sweet baby clothes!