Sunday, July 22, 2012

Baby Shower

Well I have to say this past week or two has been so busy! I can't even remember where I left off! I do know that I forgot to blog about pregnancy week 32.
Week 32.
I hardly remember it! I'm almost 34 weeks now, so we will wait until next photo day to update on pregnancy!
This weekend was my baby shower! I have been so excited for it! It was fun! There was a little problem though! I reserved the club house in our complex to hold the baby shower in and when we go down there to set is 90 degrees in there!...At the last minute (3:30) we rush up to my house and start setting up. I was dying heat! I was sweating so much! It was a little stressful throwing it all together at my house at the last second, but it turned out great! Here are some photos! (excuse the gross-ness of myself!)
My parents gave little Lexi some UK & UL gear.
Which one will she wear? Well, I bleed blue..
but because my mom is a Louisville fan she will wear that too!

The blanket was made my a co worker which is so cute!
The swing was given to us by Broc's Aunt and Uncle
The play mat was given to us by another co worker of mine
My friend Megan made a cute diaper cake!

I love little Hurley outfits!

Over all it was a pretty good weekend, my mom was able to come out but that will be another post! So farewell for now! Week 33 is over and that means only 6 more to go!

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