Monday, December 2, 2013

15 month update!

 Let's do a quick 15 month update! Little Lexi Mae...isn't so little anymore.
I have been horrible though. I have been slacking with photos. Mostly because I hate my phone. But you can see that in another post! It won't let me upload the photos to my computer so I have to email them, download them, then upload them here..
It's just the biggest pain in the world. I'm sure most of you have seen them on facebook and Instagram anyway! So let's start with my beautiful little lady.
It seems like she is learning more and more everyday.
Here is her new ones as of late..
1.Woof Woof
3.Thank You
7.Grandpa (papa)
9.Bub Gup (Bubble Guppies)

Lexi loves:
Holy cow. That seems to be the only show she wants to watch. She will point at the TV until you turn it on. At least we are both learning from it. I have learned several Spanish phrases. Ha.
We learned to record several of them on the DVR for when it isn't on.
Nick Jr really needs to play LESS Spongebob and more cartoons that don't make you lose IQ points.
-Cheese Its
-Her shape toy
That seems to be the only toy she wants to play with. I mean all you do is put shapes in the right place...but she finally has them all mastered. 
-My phone...
at least it keeps her still during diaper changes
-Her big girl bed.
 We recently put her in a twin bed. It is still on the floor, but she loves it. It wasn't even hard to transition her! I was so worried, but she has loved it and even sleeps 100% better.
I hope I don't jinx my self, but I can't even remember the last time she was in our bed to sleep! Her naps have been like 3-4 hours! It is so nice!

This past Saturday, we finally were able to check out the Children's Museum. I am so happy they opened something like this. It is the perfect area for her to run and not worry about her getting into anything. Plus she can learn from it!

And, to leave you with one last photo. The most adorable one ever.
Lexi has an obsession with sunglasses.

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