Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day Four.

Day Four. Im trying to write this from my phone because I'm to lazy to go get
my computer.  Our day today was pretty good. My favorite part was nap time. 
I started out not feeling well so we just relaxed this morning then took daddy some lunch at work. By the time we were home Lexi was asleep. So I put her in her room and I went to go catch up on some shows. About an hour later Lexi woke up...but it was to soon. So I was in need for a nap. I have been super tired from working and taking care of the house.  So I brought her in our bed and we crashed for two more hours.  Once we were awake I fed her a quick snack and we were off to get my phone at the sprint store. Long story short we spent some time walking around the mall and eating some pretzels. Came home and then chilled out at home.

Lexi was trying master the stairs tonight.  Going down is a challenge. 
                                                            Lexi would take her snacks from one bowl to another.
                                                            Yes. My house is a disaster

Nap time success. Check out the quality from an old flip phone I had to use.
Love my little girl.

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