Monday, October 14, 2013

Day One

A few friends on my blog have been doing a post each day for a month. So why not try it? Mine probably wont be as detailed or fun but my life can sometimes be exciting. So here we go.

Day 1.
Just another Monday. I have been working for just over two months now at my old job. Before Lexi I was a medical assistant at The St George Clinic. I love it there. A year later I was lucky and blessed enough to get a job there again. They hired me as an on call position.  Its perfect. I have been working about 2 days a week for the past month or two while they are filling some new positions. Although I miss Lexi so much while I work, I know it's good for both of us to be away. Plus the money is great too. Anyways  so today I worked all day. It was such a slow day for Monday.  I did how ever enjoy the photo I received from Brocs sister while she was watching Lexi.  (The one in the high chair.)

Then after coming home we just enjoyed some family time. Enjoyed some Panda Express for dinner and now I feel very fat.  I could never be a full time working mom. Even working one full day I feel like I dont get to see lexi at all. So props to working moms.

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  1. I love that you are doing this! I'm so excited to read about your life and cute Lexi! Can't wait for more :)