Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day Five and Six.

I forgot to do my post yesterday. 
Okay, I remembered as soon as I was in bed and was to lazy to go do it. So here we go with day five.
Friday, I had to work. I wasn't looking forward to it because I had a few things I needed to get done, but wouldn't be able to. So, on the mornings I get ready I place Lexi in our bed with a few cartoons, some muffins, and milk. Yes it calls for a TOTAL mess, but I am able to get ready with no trouble.
This morning she looked so comfy and cute, I just didn't want to leave her. I love spending my days with her. 

 So work.
Worst day ever.  I showed up at about opens at nine.
Our first patient didn't show up until 4:30pm! I seriously wanted to kill me self. It was the worst day because I was wasting my time and missing my little girl. 
 After a long useless day at work, Broc and I decided to go to Olive Garden. We knew it would be a tough trip because Lexi was very tired. 
I didn't really get to enjoy my dinner until I was actually home and Lexi was asleep...but it was still fun.
She was pretty crazy and loved running around outside. 

And that was pretty much day five. After dinner we came home and finished a show on Netflix and headed to bed!

Day Six.
Much better day. Lexi slept in until 9, of course after tossing and turning in our bed for the last 2 hours. But sleeping in until 9? I will take it. 

 Why do all babies have an obsession with blinds? It drives me nuts! She always climbs on the couch to open and close them. 
After we were all ready for the day, we decided to go grab lunch with Grandma (Broc's mom) at Apollo Burger. Delish!
After we got back to Grandma's house and playing outside, these two crashed.
Then, after hanging out there all day and doing some grocery shopping, we headed home and fed this little lady.
I wasn't in the mood to cook much, and Walmart was out of chicken nuggets so this little lady had a super healthy dinner of carrots and spaghetti o's.
Super big mess.

Then we all just hung out and played with Lexi to get her tired for bed! 
 Lexi loves to give Tito kisses, and her food...
Tonight at dinner she would take the food in her hand and give it to him while saying,
"Here you go"
Lexi loves jumping on her little trampoline.

And just sitting on it. 

After all that fun, we settled down and said our good nights to Lexi and gave her kisses while daddy went to go put her to sleep. I am pretty tired, but determined to finish this! It was a good day over all, I just can't believe tomorrow is Sunday...which means work is on MONDAY! NO!

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  1. Way to be and get two days done, that's always hard! Sorry your day at 'work' wasted all that time you could have been with Lexi!