Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 7, 8, and 9

Okay, so it is a lot harder to do a blog post every day! But I think it makes it harder to try to do 3 in one day and remember everything!
Day 7.
We missed church today. Bummer. 
We did have a good day at home. We started off with breakfast and hanging around the living room. Lexi found some previous candy papers from our movie night on Saturday. She is definitely my daughter. She loves Reese cups, just like me!

 Lexi also thinks its fun to stand on stuff that gives me a heart attack! Only because the laundry basket isn't super sturdy and she was by the entertainment center.
Sunday dinner we usually go to Broc's parents house. It was a chill Sunday at and the grandparents were loving having all three grand kids over. 
Looks like they had a party on the table...again, scared me to death. haha

 Lexi loves dogs. She loves Coco. Coco is Broc's dog that he had before his mission and now she is at his parents house. It is so adorable because when we get to their house she always goes to cuddle with Coco.

 Broc is pretty in love with her too.

Lexi Poo found it fun to get Chloe under the blanket!
 And then there is always the wipe game. 
Why is it such fun for a baby to pull these out?
Day Eight.
I worked a full day today. I was completely worn out! Broc needed a hair cut so we went to his sister's work so he could get one. Lexi had fun with running around and sadly this is the only photo I captured this day. But at least it's funny!

 Day Nine.
I worked until about one day. I am so glad I was able to spend the afternoon with my little lady. I was so excited to since I didn't get to spend Monday with her. After we got home and Lexi took a nap I decided to clean out my car because I could hardly get Lexi in my car!
All this was in my car!! Jackets, blankets, snacks...never again!
Perfect day to clean out my car because Lexi was able to just play out side. 
I showed her that her books and toys could go in her backpack and she was all over that!

 The evening was a little busier, because I had some friends come over so my brother in law could fix her phone. Then we headed to Walmart to get a few things. Then I was to tired to cook and Lexi was very hungry so she got some chicken nuggets and fries from Wendys. Then it was time for bed!

Good night Lexi! I really want to cuddle and wake up with you tonight, so if you wake up I will come and steal you! Mostly because daddy is out of town tonight!
So, that was a lot. I am not catching up on some shows and doing laundry. I would really rather go to my bed and lay down and watch some Tv, but I would be out in two seconds. 
Anyways, I will be back tomorrow!

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