Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My teacher bullied me

I'm sure you all have heard of all the bullying stories that have been going on.
Bullying just makes me sick.
Why do people think they are better than people? And when they think that, why pick on someone? I just don't understand the world. I don't hate the world, but I'm not a big fan of how people act in it. I'm no where near perfect, but I just wish the world could be a better place. As Miss America would say, "World Peace"

Now, there are different forms of bullying.
This one is effecting me.

Dr. Olweus defined teacher bullying in this research as: "teachers using degrading negative comments openly about a student or students."

After screening responses, his research (done in the mid- 1990s) found that 11-12% of students reported bullying by peers, while 1.5-2% reported bullying by teachers, with the numbers reporting teacher bullying increasing as students got older.

Here is my story.

English Teacher

Ashley Jenkins

I'm taking an English class and at the beginning of the year I really loved it. The people were a lot of fun, and the teacher was pretty cool. He likes to state his opinion, which is okay, but he does it in the way where he is right, and your opinion isn't even an option...Just keep your mouth shut. Now as the year has progress at this time, I have not missed one class. I was a great student. I turned in everything, answered questions in class, when he asked me about my personal life in class I told him things.


I missed class one day because I was just tired, but I brought in my homework the next day. I have missed a total of about 3 classes this year. Not to bad, when everyone else misses...5...6...7...but thats their problem.

One day I was sitting there, wearing a hoodie. In the front pocket was my cell phone and keys. I was texting Broc, and my teacher said,

"Put your cell phone away."

So I did, because he asked me too. I didn't text anymore. I put it in my hoodie pocket, along with my hands.

He was lecturing...and lecturing. I was getting bored, so I was twirling my phone in my pocket. I happen to be looking down...(and I guess it looked like I was texting)

"I said put it away"

"Im not doing anything." and I lifted my hands up.

By this time I had taken the back off my phone just to mess with it..because (ADD...I can't sit still..ask anyone)

He looks at me a little later (and I am paying attention, taking notes and everything)

"Get out"


"Your still texting"

I lifted my hands and showed him the back of my phone

"Well stop its distracting me."

I just keep my mouth shut and find something else to do with my hands.

It was not even distracting, because no one else knew what was going on.

Well about a week goes by.

Yesterday I miss class because I had a DR. appointment.

I get in today- and everyone is looking at me.

(I know the teacher had said something about me when I missed.) (How do I know? Because when other people are gone, he does the same thing)

He tells us to turn in all late work, and I said

"Do you want the homework due today? "

"I said all late work"

"I know, but the homework due today"

"Oh, yea"

I am taking notes, answering questions, and just trying to act like nothing happened last week. I look at the clock to see what time it is, because no way I am pulling my cell phone out.

He looks at me and ask what do you have written down.

I tell him I only have one. Because I'm still thinking (Were supposed to have three) And I read it to him, he said

"Well stop looking at the clock, and start writing"

"I will, but I'm thinking"

Class is almost up by now.

"You need to stop worrying about the clock, and what time it is pay attention"

The whole class, I am the only one he has used the tone with.

I start to ask him a question about what we just went over and....I get ignored because

By this time, they are all talking about Jersey Shore...(appropriate for class?)

I raise my hand.

And ask him if what we just went over is due next class

He responds to me like I'm stupid, loud, and embarrassing.


I leave class after because it is time to go, and just wanting to cry. Why me? Why pick on me? I'm a good student, but how did I get on your bad side?

I know this isn't huge, but it hurts. If he keeps going, I will say something to him in Private. It's just not right. There are more cases going on that are more important, and more hurtful, but it starts small.


  1. Like I said, not huge, but only if you were there.

  2. maybe you should try sitting in the back of the class...?

  3. there is no back, its like two rows... :( the class is like 15 people

  4. Sad there are teachers like that...I have had one or two in my school career as well. Good luck and know that the semester is almost over. When it is,and probably after you have received your grade, give a copy of your post to his supervisor...department chair. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior from a teacher. I love you! Grandma Nielsen