Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life is never what it seems

We are all trying to get through it each day. I went visiting teaching tonight. And to tell you the truth, I didn't want to go because I have a 2 papers, a speech, and I am just so tired. But I knew I needed to go visit my sisters.
1st- I am very lucky to have a companion that is so strong, and willing to go.
Chantel Whitehead you are great! I love you
2nd- I am very thankful that we are able to go see our girls.


Tonight just hit me, and I am so glad that I went. Lately it seems each message reflects on Temples. And just like Aolani said in church one week "We hear the same topics over and over again" And we obviously need to hear them, because they are not clicking.

I have not been to the Temple in a while. We live so close. It's not that I am not worthy, because I am. Time just slips away. As all of you may of had time like this when you just have so much to do!

I look up to my mother. She goes all the time. She works everyday just about. from 11pm-7am and then 8am-12pm.. and tries to catch some sleep, but sometimes there is just so much. But no matter what she always finds time to go to the Temple. I just look up to people like that. I love being able to see the St.George Temple everyday. It is so beautiful.

I'm sorry I am just rambling. I just feel over whelmed right now, but in a great way.
I just want to be there for my sisters.
I want to do better.
I love everyone.

I would up load a picture, but my internet is to slow.

You look at people and think their life is perfect, but once you get to know them you know that they are broken.

The other night my mom called me very upset. And I just broke down eventually. She thought I was so happy, all the time. But I'm not.

I love Broc, and I am so greatful for our eternal marriage. It keeps me going.
I am happy with Broc. I'm just not happy with other things.

I feel like I have no one to talk to. I talk to Broc about everything, but sometimes you need a girl friend to talk to. It seems that ever since I got married, I lost my friends.

Not lost them, but they are still single, looking for love, and having fun. And as a married women, I can't do that. I don't want to.

I just find my self sitting at home alot, not being able to go out. While Broc is out with his friends. I encourage him to go out once or twice a week, because it is good for us to be apart, and spend time with our friends.

My mom thought that I was happy all the time, and everything was great. But its not.
Someones life is never what it seems.
We need to stop judging.
Start loving.

How corny is that? ha, but its true.

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  1. So I started following this a bit ago when you added me on facebook and this post was just so touching! I think I kindof understand what your talking about. I sometimes feel like the only person I have around to talk to is Dan and I love him to death but none of my girlfriends are up here you know? And my family is not here at all, how yours is far away too. I think we are kinda going through the same thing. I wish we were going through it in the same place though, it'd be nice to have a buddy!