Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going back

Once again, I decided to start over. I don't understand why, but I just felt that I needed to. I look at other Blogs and get jealous. They have so much to write about, and I feel like...I don't. Give, most of them have children! But I love bloging! And it just feels that everyone else life is so much more interesting! Anyone else feel like that?
So yea, starting over it what has happened. It seems to happen alot! Something isn't good enough for me! Then again, who cares that I am bloging about McDonald's and going shopping? So here we go!

I am so thankful that Broc and I were able to travel back to Kentucky for a long weekend.
It was a lot of fun, and we were able to go to so many places!
1. Louisville Temple
2. Kentucky's Capital
3. Lexingition
Here are some great pictures!

My best friend had her baby while I was in Utah, and I was so excited to see her!
Carmen Lynn Johnson!
Courtney is such a good mom! I love you
My two best friends!

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