Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dear Maya (6 months)

Dear Maya,
Has it really been half a year already! Time is flying by. I was so excited for you to grow up and start doing things, but now I want you to slow down a little bit. This morning I sat you down in your crib while I picked out your outfit and when I turned around you were almost pulling your self up! 
I can't believe you are almost crawling! I think you will take off any day.
Maya, you are nothing like your sister! Your sister was a much easier baby. You still like to be swaddled. You are not sleeping through the night, you are not a huge cuddler, and you are tiny. 
You wake up as soon as we get home and scream until you are out of your car seat.
I can track your dirty diapers down to the minute...
Rice does not make you sleep through the night like it did your sister.
You might not be like your sister or as easy, but you are so adorable and we love you. 
You make me want to pull out my hair sendays, but your laugh and smile is to die for. 
I'm wl glad that you are ours. Even if you make your dad not want to have any more children. One day we won't have to swaddle you. (Hopefully) My little Maya burrito, how we love you! 
Thanks for finally starting to become a normal baby and not screaming all day. 
Part of that was our fault though...
I feel like we are finally get your routine down though, and it makes the days easiesr. I can't wait to see what the next six months hold.

The only thing Lexi and Maya have in common is their stats are the same for this age. 
Six Month Stats:
Height-26.5inches (70%)
Weight:17 lbs (67%)

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