Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Relying on The Lord

As I reflect back on this year I can't help but feel grateful and happy. This year Broc and I relied on the Lord  a lot. It was a really great year. That will be another post though.
At the first of the year Broc and I talked about selling our town house and finding a bigger one with a yard. We were expecting our second child in June, so we both wanted to do it and do it fast. We listed our town home in March I believe and it sold in less than a month. We were out by April 10th. Did we have a home of our own to move into? Nope. Broc's parents were nice enough to shelter us for a month. We were in the works of signing paper work, but we couldn't move in until May.

Broc and I both agreed on what we wanted for a new home. We couldn't find it. We looked every day online and looked at a ton of houses with our realtor, but none of them felt right. Broc showed up a home online and I didn't think it was the cutest. It obviously needed some work, but I agreed to go look at it.
We pulled up and it still wasn't at the top of my list. As soon as we walked in, it felt like home. Besides the hideous purple wall, five different types of flooring in a 3 ft radius, the original carpets in the basement from the late 80's, and every other room needing new paint- it felt like home. As soon as we walked in I could imagine Lexi running around with her sister, having family over, and never keeping the house clean because it was so big.
All that is my life now. I love it.
Well, Broc told me not to get my hopes up about it because it was out of or price range. I still spent every waking minute on Pinterest looking at DIY projects because I felt that this house was for us.
Over the next week we looked at about 5 more houses. I disliked almost every single one. We agreed to go look back at the house I loved. We took Broc's mom so she would look around and help us decided. (Thanks Kiera)

We prayed about it over the next few days and both felt that it was a good move. We went back and forth with the owner trying to get a good deal. We ended up paying a bit more than we wanted, but we knew it was where we needed to be. As I personally prayed about it I couldn't help but feel that we needed this house to strengthen our relationship with the Lord. Now, you may be thinking " How on earth can a house strengthen a relationship?"
Well, you and me both pal.
That is just what I was feeling. I am so glad we made the move. I have seen so many blessings. We have definitely strengthened our relationship with the Lord.
Shortly after we moved in we had nothing but problems. I was so worried that we made a horrible choice, but I kept reminding my self that this is where we needed to be.
 Even if the A/C went out in June while I was 9 months pregnant and the home warranty wouldn't cover it.  We couldn't afford a new one. We would have to pay out of pocket. It was something we truly needed though, especially with a newborn. As soon as our home warranty company said that they would not cover a new A/C, I was a mess. I always had a prayer in my heart that we would find a way to afford a new one. After calling around no one would help us. No one did payment plans. I called one specific company the receptionist said that they couldn't help us with a payment plan. Lucky for us, the lord was looking out for our family. The boss happened to be standing by the desk and he called us back right away saying that he could probably help us out.
The money that we are now spending monthly on our AC payments would be what we would use to fix up our house. Let me tell you, that is a huge frustration. We planned on fixing it up right away; but our money was taken else where. In time, we will get it done.

Next, our A/C in the basement wasn't working. Guess who wouldn't cover that either.
Then we had a leak in our ceiling.
Now, our kitchen sink has a leak and we need a new disposal.
It seems to never end and I am worried about what will happen next.
I joked with the A/C guys that if its going to go wrong, it will happen to us. I told them that it would be my luck that while they are installing the A/C it would probably fall through the ceiling and the home warranty company wouldn't fix that either. At least that didn't happen...yet.

Moving into this house we knew money would be tighter than what we were used to. We knew it would be a good thing because we really needed to learn how to budget better. We are still working on it, but I have seen an improvement.
Broc was called to be in the Elder Quorum Presidency shortly after we moved here and I feel that our home needed that leadership and everything that he has gained from that calling.
Our Ward has been nothing but welcoming and we really enjoy going to church.

Writing all this, I can't help but think about the blessings of tithing. Broc and I are usually pretty good at paying tithing. I credit that to my mom. She is amazing in that and growing up I saw the blessings for her. Anyway...
When we closed on our town home we got back A LOT less than we expected. We were pretty much broke! The next week, we got a check in the mail for $500! I was about to throw the envelope
away because I thought it was junk, but something told me to open it. Our mortgage company was paying us back money from taxes! I said a little prayer right then to thank the Lord. He is always looking out for you. He knows what you need.
I honestly can't stress the importance of tithing and relying on the Lord enough.

Faith in the Lord includes Faith in his timing.

Relying on The Lord can be hard or scary to some. I can totally understand how. I'm the type of person that I NEED to know how things are going to turn out. I like to have a plan.
The Lord has his own plan. I am more than happy to follow it because I know that it is all part of a bigger one.

This post was supposed to be about something different when I started it. I wanted to talk about  what bin wanted for my b family for the New Year. My heart wanted this to be shared instead. Good news is that means you get another post.

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  1. What a joy and blessing to hear of your faith and the hand of the Lord in your life. I am so grateful that you see His hand and give Him your gratitude. You will surely be blessed all your days as you exercise your faith and see His hand continually in your life. Thank you for this post. My heart, too, went up to the Lord for His blessings and for your example of faith. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and will have a Blessed New Year! Love from Kentucky!