Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome Lexi Mae Jenkins

Lexi Mae Jenkins
1:37 pm.
7 lbs 9 oz.
20 inches
What an incredible opportunity it is to give birth to a child.
I am so glad that I was able to experience this with Broc.
Our little Lexi Mae is perfect in every way.
I am so thankful that Heavenly Father chose us to raise one of his children.

Labor Story:
Warning: I ramble a lot!
Lexi's due date was Sept. 4. 2012.
At about 38 & 39 weeks I was dilated to 4cm. My doctor said that he was surprised to see me still pregnant because I was already 4 cm. (Trust me, I was too!)
By 37 weeks, I was so done being pregnant! I was so uncomfortable and wanted to meet our little girl.
About a week before Lexi came, I had been having contractions almost daily. So of course, daily I thought..."this is it, shes coming today!"
Wednesday, 8-29-2012 I was home from work just relaxing around the house because I was feeling crummy after having my membranes stripped the day before.
I had a few small contractions through out the day but nothing consistent.
About 9 pm I started having contractions but nothing to regular. Broc and I went to bed about 11pm and they began to become regular. They started out about 10 minutes apart then moved to about 5-8 minutes apart for the next three hours or so.
These were super painful and I knew either they would go away or this was it!
About 1:30 I woke up Broc and told him that and we decided to go into Labor and Delivery to get checked out.
After being checked in, I was still dilated to 4cm.
Contractions were horrible! So painful!
The nurse came back to check me an hour later...
5 cm!
YES! We were having this baby!
This was about 3:30 and we call family to let them know that we are at the hospital and Lexi will be joining us soon!
I was ready for my epidural! Broc's mom came over about 4ish and Broc ran home to get some things. While he was gone I received my epidural.
This is another story. The anesthesiologist was in the next room about to finish up with a patient and come give me my epidural. Then he had to run off and go do an emergency c-section with that patient so I had to wait. Dang. The nurse gave me some pain medication and it worked great!
I had some mild pain, but I was okay until the MD could come back...
Well...after receiving the pain medication the doc comes in and ended up not having to do the emergency c-section. Yay! Drug time!
I sat up, I was super nervous to get the epidural...
He numbed my back up and started doing the procedure.
" I'm going to be sick..." I said
They gave me a bag to throw up in...(didn't need it)
I started getting very dizzy and couldn't hold my self up. The nurse kept asking how I felt but I couldn't respond..I couldn't describe it.
That's the last thing I remember.
She kept saying my name and trying to get me to wake up. Apparently I passed out! Poor Kiera! (Broc's mom) She was so worried! The doc was still giving me my epidural and the nurse was holding me up. They said that Lexi's heart rate dropped for a few seconds and that's when a few more nurses came in. They laid me down, and Broc walks in to them giving me oxygen and people trying to wake me up!
Eventually I woke up and everything was okay!
Scary! Anyways, where were we?
My doc came by about 10am to break my water. I felt a lot more pain and contractions after that. He said that it would take about seven-eight more hours before she was here. About
12:30 the nurse comes to check me and I am 9.5 cm! Almost time to start pushing. This is when it hit me! I became super nervous!
40 minutes later...

What an incredible day this was. It was so spiritual at the same time. I am so thankful for my little eternal family. Lexi is so beautiful and everything we imagined. We were lucky and went home the next day. It was so nice being home. That first night home was something I wont forget. No more nurses taking the baby so I could sleep. It was all on us!
I think we did pretty good for our first night!
Broc is such a cute little daddy. He loves his little girl so much.
I am so thankful for him! I am so thankful for Lexi!

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  1. Oh my gosh! She is so BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy for you and Broc, what a precious little girl. I am glad everything was ok, but you will have a fun labor story to tell. Super congratulations to you and your little eternal family! Wish we could see you guys more!