Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DYI pictures...easier said than done!

At my baby shower, the guest wrote down "tips/advise" for being a new mom. I recently just received them. I loved reading them.
"Ashley, This too shall pass. So enjoy every moment! Even when your pooped!"
Grandma Jenkins

"If you ever get stressed or bored call me. I'll play with you or babysit baby Lexi Mae!
Love you!"

"Remember how blessed you are for all you have
Remember there is always someone who is worse off than you
Always remember to keep a smile on your face
Remember who is the boss (inside joke)
Families are forever
Mom is always a phone call or text away"

" My mom passed this on the me:
When you are thinking of doing bodily damage to a child who is driving you crazy, go in your room, lock the door, put your head under a pillow and scream!
If that doesn't relieve the stress, tell your Heavenly Father you need help. After all he knew your children before you did."

"It is perfectly normal not to like your kids 100% of the time
Don't even feel guilty about needing a break. It makes you a better mom
Write down the funny things you kids say. I promise you wont remember after the fact
Just when you think it will never end, the kids are grown and gone. Enjoy them while you can."

"Pretty much plan on having lots of stressful days. However, the amazing thing is that it can be wonderful and stressful at the same time. So just re-define stressful. It can be a good thing. You are becoming a better mom and stronger woman when being stretched.
Enjoy the small moments! Don't rush anything!"

" Congrats on your baby girl! If you ever feel down-get dressed up cute and dress the baby up cute and leave the house. It doesn't matter if you go to a park or browse shop at Target. Just get out and see other people.
You will be an awesome mom! You are beautiful!"

"Ashley! I'm not pregnant so I don't know what to tell you!
Good LUCK!
Love you!"

I saw a pin on Pintrest on doing new born photos.
I tried it.
I can honestly say- they didn't turn out! But my baby is to0 cute!


(Still not brave enough to try it with out the diaper)
The next one is for Broc. He is a Charger fan!
It didn't turn out like I wanted, but then again I'm not professional!
Cute idea though!

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