Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week 37...what a week!

It's been a while! I have felt so busy and haven't had time to blog! I am now 37 weeks and 5 days prego. I say that should be long enough! I am so done being pregnant! I hate to complain, but here we go.
For the past week or so I have missed about three days of work from either being so worn out or painful contractions! Saturday night about 9pm I started having contractions. They were not to bad..I could still talk and do things through them. I mean Broc and I set up a crib and installed a car seat! About an hour later they were getting more painful...and more painful...and more painful! By about 11pm I couldn't talk, walk, or smile through them. I decided to shower and lay down. Nope they were killer. 2-4 minutes apart. I would switch positions and Broc and I even went on a walk and they were still there. About 12 we decided to lay down and see if I could get some sleep. Then at 1am we decided to go It labor and delivery. We were there until about 3:30 being monitored and checked out. Sadly, they sent me home! Bummer! My contractions were so painful and consistent I thought they would keep me. My cervix didn't change within the hour so I wasn't "progressing." they sent me home with a lortab to knock me out so I could relax and sleep. Finally home and in bed I'm still having contractions waiting for the lortab to kick in and thank goodness it finally did. All I remember is a few more painful contractions and peeing twice during the night and I was out! I woke up at 12pm! Holy cow! Now, on Sunday the contractions have returned but not nearly has painful or regular. I have had contractions every day for over a week! Come on Lexi! Well, that's my fun weekend. I'm going to try and make it through the work week but we will see how that goes! Here's to week 38...and hopefully a new baby soon!
Although I am so done being pregnant, I love feeling my little Lexi move at the same time. I am pretty proud to announce I have only gained about. 34 lbs. :)

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  1. I hope she comes soon so you don't have to suffer anymore! But keep in mind, pushing baby out ain't so bad, healing from pushing baby out is awful :) haha love you guys!