Sunday, June 3, 2012

26 weeks

26 Weeks pregnant! One less week to go. This week was full of everything! We had an appointment on Tuesday and when the doctor went to measure my stomach I was only measuring about 23 CM and I was supposed to be more 26CM. So he ordered an ultrasound for later that day to make sure Lexi was growing right. After worrying all day and praying that everything would be was!
She is doing great! She is actually measuring a week bigger and weighs about 2 pounds! So, I guess she was just laying low that morning! Little stinker. We didn't get many pictures from that ultrasound because it was last minute. Bummer, but she is still cute as can be!  Friday I was working all day and she wasn't in her normal routine I noticed. I didn't think much of it and decided to drink a coke to see if that gets her moving...because it usually does. Nope, nothing still to much. So of course I freaked out! Wouldn't you? I decided to wait until the next morning to see how the night went. She still didn't move alot that night and Broc was out of town camping. I just said a prayer that I would know what to do and went to sleep. Broc came home the next morning and I was going to go in to get checked to make sure she was doing okay. I had tried laying on my left side, caffeine, and drinking sweet drinks but she was out of it! I didn't really want to go to the ER because it was a Saturday but I didn't have much of a choice! But wait! I do! I work in a doctors office! So a doctor I work with is an OB doctor and was working that Saturday so I just called up the clinic and decided that would be much better...and cheaper! He told me to continue to count kicks and drink some more sweet drinks. So of course any excuse to drink a Mountain Dew I will. After 2 glasses..she wasn't very active. I was a mess all morning! 
But I guess she was just sleepy because about 2 hours later she started kicking so much..and hasn't stopped. I guess a week of no caffeine and your baby doesn't know what to do! Glad to say..she is okay! 
Questions of the week! WEEK 26
When are you due: How many weeks?: 26 and 5 days
Was this planned or unplanned: Both, after a recent miscarriage we knew we wanted to start a family whenever the Lord thought we would be ready. 
How much weight gained: Too much. 20 lbs. 
Is this your first pregnancy?:1st one was about 10 weeks..this is my longest
Latest food craving: Nada
Your top two name choices or baby's name:Only one name. Lexi Mae. 
Worst Thing about being pregnant: Can't bend over and clothes get tighter. 
Best Thing about being pregnant:Feeling a sweet little child kick you!
The first person you told was:Broc!
Are you more scared or excited:Excited
Happy or mostly moody:Happy
Last time you cried over something ridiculous was: Don't laugh. I was very hungry after not eating all day and really wanted to chicken nuggets but felt too guilty to actually go get them because I had put on some weight...and I was just hormonal. get over it! ha
You pee an estimated 12-15 times a day?:
Weirdest dream you've had since pregnant?:Lexi came out as a red head and had cow hooves
Will you breast feed:If I can!
Words of wisdom:Eat healthy!

I don't have a picture of me this week. So next week I work on that! Have a good week everyone!

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