Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week 29

Week 29. Just about 10 more weeks to go!
It's crazy how fast it goes by.
This week hasn't been to bad.
Feeling a little puffy in the face...
Noticed some weight gain...
typical pregnancy right?
We tried some yard selling this weekend to find some things but we didn't find anything but old people selling "antiques."
We did go to a yard sell and it ended up being Broc's co-worker who was selling a bunch of baby items..clothes mostly!
We ended up picking through some and got a good deal...
Later that afternoon he texted Broc and said I have two trash bags full if you wife doesn't want them I'm just going to take them to the DI.
So we took them! Free clothes? Heck yes! I think we will be set on clothes for a while with this bag and then the bag Broc's sister is bring down when she comes to visit!
2 years worth of her little girl clothes!
So thankful for all the free items! Being pregnant is so stressful sometimes.

My time for working is ending soon..My last day of work is Aug, 31...if I go that long.
I worry about insurance, bills, food, and ect.
I guess that never ends!
Well, thats it for this week.

Putting my shoes on is getting harder
Shaving my legs...impossible
Seeing my legs while standing...impossible
Have a great week!

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