Friday, May 18, 2012

Mrs. Grump

I am being Mrs. Grump today! I'm not sure why. Maybe because its Friday and I am working all alone answering phones.
Sometimes, patients just annoy me. They are just rude- I try not to be rude back..but sometimes my buttons are pushed!
Is it 6:00 yet? I'm ready for my weekend of nothing! Sleeping in tomorrow, eating some food, swimming sounds fun, and of course relaxing with my two loves!

I had a dream of Lexi last night! I woke up ready to meet her! Only 15 more weeks. Last night I was a little worried because I didn't feel her move that much that day. I decided that at 10:00pm I would drink a MTN Dew to see if she would move...and about 1 hour later she was kicking up a storm! What a great feeling!
There are some funny things about pregnancy that I thought would never hit me.

1. I can no longer put my pants on by standing on one leg.
2. I can no longer bend over to pick something up with out groaning
3. I get winded walking up the stairs. Wait, I did that before. Nevermind. :)
Ms. Lexi has decided its time to hit a growth spurt and I can feel it! I love her, but wish pregnancy didn't take 9 months! :)
I think writing about little Lexi Mae has put me in a better mood :)
I always find pictures like this intresting! She is just getting so big! I haven't really developed any "new" stretch marks but my current plan is to blame the ones I do have on her..people would beleive me right? I have gained 4 lbs since April, so I'm not sure if thats normal or just seems like alot. Maybe I should lay of the chocolate donuts...

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  1. Just caught up on your blog...happy 2nd anniversary!!! We love you guys! And, YES. You lose brain cells when pregnant. I never believed it either but seriously...I used to be pretty smart and on top of things! haha It comes back mostly afterwards, but not completely I don't think. We must just be so selfless that we also donate brain cells to our children. How kind of us.