Wednesday, May 2, 2012

22 weeks-growing a human

22 weeks.
Not much as changed on my part. My baby is close to a pound...which is great! I only have about 16 weeks left! That mean I need to buy more than 1 outfit a week or she won't have anything to wear! Holy cow! It still seems that we have forever to do everything...but I know it will sneak up on us shortly!
Being pregnant is great...although there are a few things I miss.

1. Hot tub
2.Sleeping on my stomach
3.Skinny Jeans
That's about it. Other than that I can deal! Because my body isn't all stretched out yet I feel like I'm constantly dying for room in my body! Does that make sense? I hope so! All my muscles just seem so tight! I'm sure I will get over it! I have noticed that I eat a little more here and there..and pee more! Non stop! Goodness! Who knew! Lexi is doing well-she moves a lot and sits very low. My belly is starting to poke out and I'm not just looking fat! That's the best part! Yay!
Broc will be gone next week for work so I have a secret plan to go to shopping. Have you heard of Kid to Kid? Its a used clothing sore for kids. I love it. Everything I have gotten for her has been from there. Wednesday is double stamp day so I know what I will be doing next week! I hope that everyone has a great week! Maybe you will hear from me again on week 23!

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